Axia Legacy Products

Legacy Product Pages:

Pathfinder Routing Control

Element AoIP Mixing Console Product Page


Element AoIP Mixing Console

Element 2.0 Users Manual

Element Operators Training Guide

Element Spanish User Manual

Axia Fusion and Element Software Version 3.2.1

Firmware Package v5.54/v5.57 for Element & Fusion Consoles

Release notes for Firmware Package v5.54/v5.57

Element Module Firmware V4.30

Element Software Package v2.5.0.9

Element Brochure

Axia Element FAQs

Introduction to the Details of the Axia Element (Power Point)

How to create new CompactFlash Cards for use with Element consoles

Identifying Element Power Supply Modules

Proper Termination of First-Generation Element

Termination of Element CANBus with Accessory Panels & Button Modules

How to interface an Element to an external profanity delay

Element Touchscreen Timer Installation Guide

Element Console Cutout Dimensions

Default Element CPU/GPIO BIOS Configuration

Configuring Element consoles for use with the Telos VX VoIP

Configuring Element consoles for use with Telos Nx12

Element ETH4CAN Installation Guide

Original Audio Nodes

Analog, AES/EBU & Microphone Node User Manual

GPIO Node User Manual

Analog, AES/EBU, Microphone & GPIO Node v2.5.2g Software Installation Notes

Analog Node v2.7.1d.r2 Software

AES/EBU Node v2.7.1d.r2 Software

Microphone Node v2.7.1d.r2 Software

GPIO Node v2.7.1d.r2 Software 

Router Selector Node

Router Selector Manual v2.5

Router Selector v2.5.2g software


SmartSurface Manual v1.07

SmartSurface Cutout Dimensions