Legacy Products

Telos Systems

Series 2101, TWO, TWOx12 

Series 2101 - Software v2.4.8

Series 2101 - T1 Trunk Requirements  

Series 2101 - User Manual

Telos TWO - User Manual

TWOx12 - Talkshow System Manual

TWOx12 - Software v3.34 Update + Version Notes

Call Controller - User Manual

Call Controller - Producer Mode Manual

Call Controller - Talent Mode Manual

Console Director - User Guide

Console Director - Long Button

Console Director - Short Button

Console Director - Operation Manual

Console Director - Producer's Operation Guide

Console Director - Talent's Operation Guide

How To: Use Ground Start Lines with TWOx12 Analog

How To: Use PBX Transfer with analog TWOx12

How To: TWOx12 Priority Lines Feature

How To: Using a Euro ISDN Telephone with Telos TWO

How To: Configure Multiple Desktop Directors with TWOx12 and Series 2101

How To: Extend the Telos Desktop Director Over Fiber

Ordering ISDN BRI For Use With Telos Talkshow Systems

Ordering ISDN PRI For Use With Telos Talkshow Systems

Telos ONE Family

ONE Plus ONE - Dual Hybrid Manual

ONE-x-Six - User Manual Rev. C

Telos ONE - User Manual

Direct Interface Module & 1A2 System

1A2 Talk System Manual

Direct Interface Module Talk System Manual

The Link

Telos Link Intercom Interface - Manual

Zephyr Classic Family 

Zephyr ISDN Transceiver Manual

Zephyr Control Software v2.15

Zephyr Express Firmware Update Installation Instructions

Zephyr Express Portable ISDN Transceiver Manual

Zephyr/IP Manual v1.5a

Assistant Producer

Assistant Producer 1.17 Manual

Assistant Producer 2.0 Manual

Assistant Producer 3.5 Manual

Assistant Producer v1.18h Software

Assistant Producer v3.5.40 Software

Assistant Producer/Teloserve FAQ

Release Notes: Assistant Producer for 1A2, Direct Interface Module & ONE-x-Six v1.18h

Telos AP Server Control Protocol SDK (formerly 2101 / TWOx12 SDK) v2.5.1


ProFiler Server User Guide

ProFiler Client User Guide

How To: Multiple ProFiler Audio Cards in one PC

ProFiler Audio Card Driver

ProFiler Bitrate Calculator

ProFiler Client Software v2.5.9c

ProFiler Server Software v2.5.9c

Telos 10, 100, 100 Delta 

Telos 100 Delta Hybrid Manual

Audioactive MPEG Encoder Manual

DT100 Conference System Manual

Telos 10 User Manual

Telos 100 User Manual

Telos Echo User Manual

Telos Nx6/Nx12 Talkshow Systems

Telos Nx6/Nx12 User Manual

Nx6 v4.0.0r Software

Nx6 v.4.0.0r Release Notes

Nx12 v.4.0.0r Software

Nx12 v.4.0.0r Release Notes

Nx12 / Nx6 v3.0.0r Software

Nx12 / Nx6 v3.0.0r Release Notes

Nx6 / Nx12 Brochure

How to: Add / Remove AES card in Nx Systems

Open source compliance




Omnia 3 Manual (FM Turbo, AM, and net/DRM styles Software v3.04.01 and later)

Omnia 3 Remote Software v3.5.3

Omnia 4.5 FM/AM

Omnia 4.5 FM - Manual

Omnia 4.5 AM - Manual

Omnia 4.5 Remote Software v4.00.19 (For use with v1.01.01 and later)

Omnia.5 EX 

Omnia 5EX HD+FM Manual (Software v5.0.1 FM and later)

Omnia 5EX HD+AM Manual (Software v5.0.1 AM and later)

Omnia 5FM & 5AM EX / EXi Remote Control Software v5.2.1

Omnia.6 and Omnia.6 EX

Omnia 6 EX / EXi HD+FM Manual

Omnia 6 EX / EXi HD+FM Manual (Portuguese)

Omnia 6 Presets

Omnia 6 Current Software 7.3.4/FP7.2.x

Omnia 8x

Omnia 8x Manual

Omnia Classic

Omnia Classic Remote Software v1.21

Omnia Classic Installation and Operation Manual v2

Omnia MPX Tool 

Leif Claesson introduces Omnia MPX Tool


Omnia.9/XE Manual

Omnia.9/XE Software

Omnia.9/XE Brochure

Leif Claesson Omnia.9/XE Demonstration Video



Original Audio Nodes

Analog, AES/EBU & Microphone Node User Manual

GPIO Node User Manual

Analog, AES/EBU, Microphone & GPIO Node v2.5.2g Software Installation Notes

Analog Node v2.7.1d.r2 Software

AES/EBU Node v2.7.1d.r2 Software

Microphone Node v2.7.1d.r2 Software

GPIO Node v2.7.1d.r2 Software 

Router Selector Node

Router Selector Manual v2.5

Router Selector v2.5.2g software


SmartSurface Manual v1.07

SmartSurface Cutout Dimensions



Program Length Manager (PLM) 

Program Length Manager Manual

Audio Time Manager (ATM)

25-Seven Audio Time Manager Manual

25-Seven ATM Brochure

Geoff Steadman Introducing 25-Seven ATM Video



Linear Acoustic

Archived Product Pages 

AERO.1000 - Audio/Loudness Platform

AERO.asi - TS Audio Processor

AERO.mobile - Audio Loudness Manager for Mobile DTV

AERO.one - Transmission Audio Loudness Manager

Dolby Digital/Plus Transcoder (LA-5269)

Lambda - Digital Audio and Metadata Monitor

LQ-1 Loudness Meter 

Archived Product Documentation

AERO.air (5.1/DTV)
Aero.air User Guide (Software v1.16.02 and later)
Aero.air User Guide (Software v1.18.01 2U and later)
Aero.air User Guide (Software v1.23.01 2U and later)

Aero.lite Manual (Software v0.00.10)

Aeromax DTV Manual (Software v.808 and later)

Aeromax 5.1 Manual (Software v1.01.00 and later)

Aero.qc Manual (Software v1.00.00 and later) 
Aero.qc Manual (Software v2.20.29 and later)

Frame Synchronizer (LA-5448)
LA-5448 Manual (Software v1.00.21 and later)

MetaMAX (LA-5180)
LA-5180 Manual (Software v00.00.33 and later)

UpMAX User Guide (Software v0.98 and later)

UPMAX (LA-2251)
UpMAX 2251 User Guide v0.085
UpMAX 2251 User Guide v0.805
UpMAX 2251 User Guide v0.822
UpMAX 2251 User Guide v1.010
UpMAX 2251 User Guide v1.021
UpMAX 2251 User Guide v1.100
UpMAX 2251:neo User Guide v2.040

UPMAX:neo (LA-5190)
UpMAX:neo User Guide (Software v00.57 and later)