TVSG Demonstrates Linear Acoustic Audio Tech for Broadcast at NAB 2018

Authoring and Loudness Processing Solutions Deliver Improved Production Capabilities

Las Vegas, NV (April 9, 2018) – At NAB 2018 this week, Linear Acoustic, a Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group (TVSG) brand, is demonstrating how its advanced audio solutions can deliver new possibilities for improved authoring/processing to the broadcast and production industries. Featured products include Linear Acoustic APTO for OEM Loudness Processing System and the award-winning Linear Acoustic AMS Authoring and Monitoring System.

“High quality audio is essential for the overall success of programming content. Telos Alliance is the leader in developing innovative solutions that broadcasters, engineers and production management have come to rely on,” said John Schur, President of The Telos Alliance TVSG. “This new generation of products delivers even more performance and flexibility for professionals, and will be instrumental in driving the future of authoring and loudness processing audio solutions.”

Linear Acoustic APTO for OEMis a state-of-the-art, uncompromised loudness processing and control solution designed for real-time audio streams or file-based assets. Featuring full regulatory compliance across all platforms, APTO provides the best listening experience for any type of playback environment including DVB, DTT, OTT, Radio, gaming, streaming, mobile, and more.

Linear Acoustic APTO does not involve dynamic compression technology, but rather is based on algorithms that define the ideal amount of adaptation required. This approach provides fully coherent channels, phase and mix balance, and allows the original dynamics to be preserved without introducing artifacts. The Linear Acoustic APTO product line includes APTO.file for file-based processing and for real-time processing. In both domains, loudness parameters are smoothly controlled, including target loudness, dialog loudness, adaptation %, LRA, and true-peak limiting.

The Linear Acoustic APTO OEM module provides a straightforward C++ interface on Windows and Linux, using input and output sample buffers for easy integration. Independent streams can be processed simultaneously by multiple instances with up to eight (8) channels per stream. Linear Acoustic APTO processing is additionally available in software development kits.

Linear Acoustic AMS Audio Monitoring System is a hardware solution for authoring and monitoring of immersive 3D audio in compliance with the ATSC 3.0 Digital Television System specification. AMS simultaneously delivers advanced audio for ATSC 3.0 broadcasts plus 5.1 and 2-channel audio for ATSC 1.0 broadcasts. It is equipped with Linear Acoustic APTO for loudness management and compliance.

The Linear Acoustic AMS web interface allows the authoring engineer to easily control the interactive features offered to viewers, and to build presets for different listening experiences. This enables viewers to personalize their sound experience for optimal playback on any platform, from mobile devices to immersive home theaters. Additionally, the web GUI provides for device configuration and status, monitoring control, input/output routing, audio mixing and object panning, and loudness management via Linear Acoustic APTO.


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