Loudness in a Video World

AudioTools FOCUS for Loudness Control is an easy to use, standalone Windows application that takes the complexity out of the audio equation. Proven AudioTools presets conforming to every loudness standard are built in and ready to use or modify. With all the standards, file formats and deliverables needed today, loudness management adds one more layer of intricacy to an already complex ecosystem. In a video–centric world, we focus on handling the complexity and dependencies of automating loudness control … AudioTools FOCUS brings audio control into focus.

AudioTools FOCUS provides:

  • Loudness managed while preserving artistic intent
  • Complete compliance with North American (CALM) & international loudness control standards including:
    EBU R 128, ARIB TR-B32 & OP-59
  • Linear Acoustic APTO™ for Loudness Range processing
  • File-based Omnia.9 processing for podcasts or on-demand (FOCUS Server for Radio)
  • Hot Folder or File-driven processing
  • MXF & QuickTime container handling – extract/process/rewrap
  • Loudness adjustment or pure logging
  • File type auto-detection
  • Clearly labeled, proven presets right out of the box

AudioTools FOCUS – An Affordable, Quality-First Solution for Loudness Control

Not only are there many variations of video file formats, but a quality loudness management process itself is complex. AudioTools FOCUS for Loudness Control provides:

  • Programme Loudness adjustments with combined True–Peak limiting
  • Programme Loudness combined with Maximum Short Term Loudnesscontrol for short for &interstitials
  • Active & passive” Max. Short Term Loudness combined with Max Momentarylimiting
  • Pure gain adjustment versus dynamic processing

File-based In Mind

The world is moving toward IT dominated, file–based workflows, and audio is only a part of the overall video picture. AudioTools FOCUS extracts the audio, processes that essence, preserves any audio metadata and rewraps the audio back into the container without modifying the video. This streamlines your workflow while ensuring downstream compatibility. The ITU-R BS.1770-3 Program Loudness standard was defined as file-based. AudioTools FOCUS directly answers that need with a standalone, software solution for loudness control automation.

Simplicity … It’s In The Details

Unlike hardware investments that cannot keep up with changing business strategy, delivery/platform requirements and government mandates, AudioTools FOCUS for Loudness Control is a pure software solution.

Hit All Targets

AudioTools FOCUS for Loudness Control makes quality loudness management painless, taking the complexity of files, containers and processing, and making it all available in an easy to use, preset–driven application. A unique AudioTools feature is its ability to hit all loudness targets, not just one or two. With AudioTools FOCUS’ logic–driven approach, you can simultaneously comply with Program Loudness, Loudness Range, and True–Peak, without exceeding your Maximum Momentary or Maximum Short Term loudness thresholds.

Intricacy Unraveled

Simply type in your target parameter changes to the factory presets, and let FOCUS do the rest:  

  1. Start with a preset and type in your target requirements for each deliveryspec
  2. Define your programconfiguration
  3. Set your file I/O - Watched Folders orFiles
  4. Hit Go!

AudioTools  FOCUS for Loudness Control is intended for

  • Sole proprietors needing painless yet high quality logging &adjustment
  • Post houses & networks needing MOV or MXF containerhandling
  • Any facility that doesn’t have deep automation inplace






AudioTools FOCUS and FOCUS Server can be upgraded to a full AudioTools Server configuration.