Voltair in the News

Voltair is the first and only product that actively monitors and displays watermark encoding quality based on program material, enabling programmers to simulate decoding quality in various listener environments and actively process the signal to optimize watermark encoding for ratings measurement based on adjustable parameters. Never before has such detailed insight into this critical process, or the ability to dynamically optimize it, been available to stations.

We're extremely proud of Voltair - from the great results our customers tell us they are seeing, to winning the Best of Show Award at NAB 2015!  Voltair has certainly generated a lot of attention, and given the impact this new tool is having on our industry, we expect to see more. If you're having a hard time keeping up with it all, we've put together this quick reference to the recent press Voltair has received.


2/27/18: All Access All AccessNielsen, Bubba The Love Sponge Trade Motions Seeking To Block Evidence, Testimony At Trial

2/26/2018:   Inside Radio: Bubba And Nielsen Try To Limit What Can Be Presented In Court.

4/7/17: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOWSpring NAB Show keeps up its reputation as a place for innovation.

3/8/2017: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW"When we introduced Voltair..."


9/1/16:  Radio & Television Business Report: Voltair: It Still Works, Even On eCBET

8/15/16: Radio magazine  RadioTelos Alliance Updates Voltair Software

8/15/16:  Radio & Television Business Report: Controversial Voltair Processor Gets Software Update

7/22/16: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOWIn a way, “This [Shazam product] is not revolutionary and new.”

7/13/16: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOWConsultant Randy Kabrich analyzies the D.C. and Baltimore markets

5/17/16: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Nielsen and George Flinn settle their dueling lawsuits over PPM

5/5/16: Radio INK Radio Ink: Liggins Admits Voltair Improving Ratings

4/19/16: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Voltair will sell a “diagnostic-only” model

4/18/16: All Access All Access: Voltair Debuts Diagnostic-Only Model At NAB

4/18/16: Radio INK Radio Ink: What’s New With Voltair?

4/18/16: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOWVoltair has details (and pricing) of its new “data export license

4/7/16: Talkers Talkers: PPM Reliability Issue Re-Surfaces at Philadelphia Conference

4/5/16: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Voltair-distributor Telos Alliance is staging an NAB Show press conference

4/4/16: Radio Insights Radio InSightsIs Nielsen's PPM Making Radio Unlistenable?

4/1/16: NTS Media Online Monthly NTS MediaOnline: “Pure Orwellian Double Speak”

4/1/16: Radio Insights Radio InSights: PPM Missed 1.4 Million Quarter-Hours of Radio...Sorry :(

3/31/16: Inside Radio Inside RadioNielsen AQH Rise Helps Some Formats More Than Others

3/31/16: Radio INK Radio InkNielsen Does A Little PR For PPM

3/31/16: RadioWorld Radio World: Nielsen Hails Impact of Enhanced CBET

Nielsen Hails Impact of Enhanced CBET

3/31/16: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Nielsen reports 13% higher AQH audience in PPM markets, and credits enhanced CBET

3/29/16: All Access All Access: Andrew Curran

3/28/16: Inside Radio Inside Radio: Best Mix for Nielsen and Voltair Still Up in the Air

3/28/16: Radio magazine RadioTelos Alliance Says Voltair Still Makes a Difference in Ratings

3/28/16: Radio INK Radio Ink: (AUDIO) The Full Dan Mason PPM Discussion

3/25/16:  Radio & Television Business Report: Voltair Still Essential, 25-Seven Says

3/25/16: Media Confidential Media Confidential: Telos: Voltair Still Offers Ratings Advantage

3/25/16: NTS Media Online Monthly NTS MediaOnline: Telos Alliance Says Voltair Still Boosts Ratings

3/25/16: Radio INK Radio Ink: Telos CEO Not Backing Down

3/25/16: Radio INK Radio Ink: Telos: Voltair Still Significantly Improves Ratings

3/25/16: Radio INK Radio Ink: (VIDEO) Is Voltair Redundant? Is The Diary Better Than PPM?

3/25/16: RadioWorld Radio World: Telos Says Voltair Still Makes a Difference

Telos Says Voltair Still Makes a Difference

3/24/16: Radio INK Radio Ink: Nielsen Responds To Mason’s PPM Comments

3/24/16: Radio INK Radio Ink: Mason: I Was Wrong About PPM

3/23/16: Radio INK Radio Ink Live (via YouTube): Richard Harker at Radio Ink Hispanic Radio Conference 2016

1/4/2016: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOWDiary markets may get more attention from Nielsen Audio in 2016

12/10/15: Inside Radio Inside Radio: Nielsen Says Adding New Encoder To Voltair Won’t Mix

12/10/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: The (Voltair-free) PPM’s are out for Canada…

12/9/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: More takeaways from the 2016 Nielsen Client Conference in D.C. [more]

12/4/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW:New PPM in-station monitor is “a total redesign.”

12/2/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: Nielsen's Enhanced PPM Encoder. Is it Voltair-Lite?

11/18/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOWMeet the new cop overseeing Voltair (and the radio/TV ratings) in Canada

11/13/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOWEntercom explains getting “full credit for the listening.”

11/2/15: Chicagoland Radio & Media Chicagoland Radio & Media: Will Chicago Radio Ratings Look Very Different Soon?

10/26/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Randy Kabrich says “Numeris quietly revealed the results” of their own “Enhanced CBET” test

10/22/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: Did Nielsen Just Throw Arbitron Under the Bus?

10/20/15: NTS Media Online Monthly NTS Media Online: IEEE Symposium Sees Nielsen Vs. Voltair … Again

10/19/15: Jaye Albright's Breakfast Blog Jaye Albright's Breakfast BlogNielsen’s Answer To Voltair

10/19/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: Nielsen Brings Knife to Gun Fight

10/12/15: Mark Ramsay Media Mark Ramsay MediaWhy Are You Trusting Your Ratings to Nielsen?

10/9/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: So Nielsen tested its updated PPM software versus Voltair... [more]

10/7/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOWNielsen’s next move: Can Nielsen wean radio off Voltair? Its “enhanced CBET” webinar is tomorrow.

10/6/15: RadioWorld Radio World: We Need Better PPM Field Tools

10/5/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Where does radio go after the Radio Show?

10/2/15: Radio magazine Radio: Nielsen Offers Its Own PPM Monitoring Solution

10/2/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOWVoltair might get some competition [more]

10/1/15: Radio magazine Radio: Steadman Says Voltair Strives for A+ Encoding

10/1/15: RadioWorld Radio World: Radio Show: The Latest on Voltair

10/1/15: RadioWorld Radio World: Radio Show: Orban Leader Not Pleased With Nielsen PPM Plan

10/1/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Day 2 of the Atlanta Radio Show brings presentations by Voltair creator 25-Seven and Nielsen

9/30/15: NTS Media Online Monthly NTS Media Online: Will PPM And Voltair Rumble @ The Radio Show?

9/24/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Voltair and Nielsen make their presentations at the NAB/RAB Radio Show, one week from today [more]

9/23/15: Inside Radio Inside RadioVoltair, Nielsen To Offer Competing Views

9/22/15: All Access All Access: Nielsen Asks Stations To Disclose Audio Path Details, Changes

9/22/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Nielsen prepares to push back against Voltair

9/21/15: All Access All Access: Voltair v2.0 Software Update Available Tomorrow

9/17/15: Radio Insights Radio InSightsRadio Continues Unprecedented Growth

9/16/15: Radio magazine Radio: Voltair 2.0 Announced by 25-Seven

9/14/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Latest (mostly Voltair-free) PPMs are in from Canada [more]

9/3/15:  Broadcast Dialogue Broadcast Dialogue: The Untold Story of Voltair: A Look at How We Got Here

8/25/15: RadioWorld Radio World: Bob Orban Talks About Voltair

8/24/15: Radio magazine RadioWhere Should Voltair Be Located in a Station’s Air Chain?

8/20/15: RadioWorld Radio World: IEEE BTS to Hold Important Voltair Discussion

8/20/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Major League Baseball “is where a Voltair should really shine if there were any issues

8/19/15: All Access All Access: It'll be Voltair vs. Nielsen at Two Separate Radio Show Events in Atlanta

8/18/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: Will Nielsen Ban Voltair?

8/13/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOWLatest on Voltair – Atlanta Radio Show will feature separate presentations by Voltair and Nielsen

8/12/15: Inside Radio Inside Radio: “True Listening” At Issue For Nielsen

8/12/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: Shocker! Radio is Growing!

8/12/15: RadioWorld RadioWorldVoltair, Nielsen Will Be Topics at Fall Radio Show

8/12/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOWLips are sealed, as Nielsen tries to line up participants in the D.C.-Baltimore PPM test [and more]

8/11/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: PPM Test Surprise [and more]

8/10/15: All Access All AccessNielsen Testing Enhanced CBET In Two Markets

8/10/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: The Twisted Logic of PPM's Defenders

8/10/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Nielsen is Testing PPM "enhancements" [and more]

8/7/15:   Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW“Quite frankly, we missed the curve” on Voltair, says Radio One.

8/6/15:   Paragon Media Paragon Media Strategies: Paragon Supports Third Party Review of Voltair

8/6/15:   Radio Insights Radio InSights: Nielsen's Eric Cartman Moment: Respect My Authority!

8/5/15:   Radio INK Radio InkLiggins Says He Missed The Voltair Revolution

8/4/15:   All Access All Access: John Dickey

8/4/15:   Media Village Media Village: Voltair and U.S. Radio Solves Nielsen's PPM Problem

8/4/15:   Radio Insights Radio InSights: Nielsen to Radio: PPM is perfect. Now We’ll Fix It.

7/31/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Quote of the Day

7/31/15: RadioWorld Radio World: Paulus on Voltair: We Are the Client Here

7/31/15: Radio INK Radio Ink: How To Conduct Your Own Voltair Test

7/30/15: Research Director Inc Research Director Inc: To Voltair or not to Voltair, that is the question!

7/30/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: Voltair from a Client's Perspective

7/30/15: Radio INK Radio Ink: (AUDIO) Greenspan: Voltair Is Increasing Ratings

7/30/15: All Access All AccessResearch Director, Inc. Calls For Third-Party Review Of Voltair's Ratings Impact

7/30/15: All Access All Access: Max Media's Dave Paulus Urges Big Radio Groups To Push Nielsen On Voltair

7/28/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Kurt Hanson wonders if Voltair is compensating for yearly drops in AQH ratings

7/28/15: Radio INK Radio Ink Tank (Eric Rhoads' blog): A New Voltair Revolution

7/28/15: Paragon Media Paragon Media Strategies: "Nielsen Flunks Let's Make a Deal"

7/27/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

7/27/15: RAIN News RAIN News: Kurt Hanson: The Voltair Controversy

7/27/15: Jaye Albright's Breakfast Blog Jaye Albright's Breakfast BlogAnalysis Paralysis

7/27/15: Inside Radio Inside Radio: Conflicting Conclusions On Voltair Ratings Impact

7/27/15: All Access All Access: More Nielsen/Voltair Number Crunching From Randy Kabrich

7/24/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: "Very few people cooperated [with Nielsen] on real-world tests" of Voltair. [and more]

7/24/15: Inside Radio Inside Radio: Orban Disputes Voltair Claims vs. Nielsen

7/24/15: All Access All AccessIn-Between Days

7/23/15: Radio INK Radio Ink: Orban Urges Caution on Voltair

7/23/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Are PPM stations unplugging their Voltair boxes? No way. [and more]

7/23/15: RAMP Radio and Music Pros: 'Voltair... I Am Your Father...'

7/23/15: JacoBLOG JacoBLOG: The End of Encode Gate?

7/23/15: FiveThirtyEight FiveThirtyEight: Nielsen's Testing Hasn't Resolved the Radio Ratings Debate

7/22/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Nielsen stays hands-off with Voltair [and more]

7/22/15: RadioWorld RadioWorld: PPM/Voltair Debate Keeps People Talking

7/22/15: RadioWorld RadioWorld: Nielsen: “Nobody Should Be Interfering” With PPM Playing Field

7/22/15: Radio INK Radio Ink: Programmer: We Were Betrayed by Nielsen

7/22/15: NTS Media Online Monthly NTS Media Online: The PPM/Voltair Controversy: What’s Next?

7/21/15: adam r jacobson adam r jacobson: Nielsen Audio Says No To Telos Alliance’s Voltair Processor

7/21/15: Inside Radio Inside RadioMRC to Test Voltair Impact

7/21/15: Radio INK Radio Ink Tank (Eric Rhoads' blog)The Voltair Call: Anti-Climactic

7/21/15: Radio INK Radio Ink: Now It's Telos' Turn to Explain

7/21/15: Radio INK Radio Ink: Why Did Nielsen Come Out Against Voltair?

7/21/15: RadioWorld RadioWorld: Nielsen "Reiterates Non Support" of Voltair, But Plans Improvements to PPM

7/21/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: D-Day for Nielsen?

7/20/15: Inside Radio Inside Radio: 10 Questions Radio Should Ask Nielsen

7/20/15: Inside Radio Inside Radio: Nielsen Set to Break Its Voltair Silence

7/20/15: JacoBLOG JacoBLOG: Voltaire to Nielsen: “Common sense is not so common.”

7/17/15: MediaPost MediaPost: Nielsen Prepares To Address Voltair Radio Ratings Controversy

7/16/15: RadioWorld RadioWorld: Time for Nielsen to Go Public on Voltair

7/15/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Nielsen to hold a July 21 webinar titled “PPM Enhancements and Voltair testing update." [and more]

7/15/15: Radio INK Radio InkA Tense Moment for Radio, Telos Voltair, and Nielsen

7/15/15: Engineering Radio Engineering Radio: The Voltair

7/15/15: All Access All Access: Nielsen Set To Address Voltair Controversy In Webinar

7/14/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: From the Rumor Mill – Nielsen’s close to announcing its position on Voltair [and more]

7/10/15: Radio INK Radio InkFive Things You Should Know About Voltair Now

7/9/15:   NTS Media Online Monthly NTS Media OnlineCoinicidence, or Voltair?

7/7/15:   Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: More guessing about Voltair, with today’s PPMs [and more]

7/7/15:   Radio Insights Radio InSights: iHeart Stations Through the Roof. Is it Voltair?

7/6/15:   JacoBLOG JacoBLOG: "Do You Mean the French Philosopher?"

7/2/15:   Inside Music Media Inside Music Media: Nielsen PPM Lost 90% of Hannity's Listeners

7/1/15:   Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: The 538 blog exhumes the cold-file case of the death of smooth jazz - Was PPM the killer? [and more]

6/30/15: FiveThirtyEight FiveThirtyEight: Did Nielsen Kill the Radio Star?

6/25/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: More on Voltair

6/25/25: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: "We Know Who Used Voltair to Boost Spring PPM Ratings" in Canada, says Steve Kowch

6/25/15: Kowch Media Kowch Media: We Know Who Used Voltair to Boost Spring 2015 PPM Ratings

6/24/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Are higher ratings Voltair magic - or is it just seasonality? [and more]

6/24/15: RadioWorld RadioWorld: Blesser: How Radio Handles PPM Debate Will Influence Its Survival

6/23/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: “The way the radio industry handles the Voltair controversy will influence its likelihood of surviving.”

6/23/15: TalkersTV TalkersTV: The State of Radio Ratings

6/23/15: RadioInfo RadioInfo: Telos Alliance’s Dr. Barry Blesser Explains Voltair’s Success

6/23/15: RadioInfo RadioInfo: Sean Hannity Moderates Blockbuster Panel on Audience Measurement at Talkers New York 2015

6/19/15: RadioWorld Radio WorldTaking a Closer Look at PPM

6/19/15: Radio Insights Radio InSightsVoltair Case Study #3: Shares Nearly Double

6/19/15: NTS Media Online Monthly NTS Media Online: Radio’s Ratings Reliability Is On The Line

6/19/15: NTS Media Online Monthly NTS Media Online: Did Voltair Double Talk Show's Ratings?

6/19/15: All Access All Access: Harker: Talk Station Raised Rating Share Almost 90% Using Voltair

6/19/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: "Every day that goes by without a definite answer to questions about Voltair is crushing our industry." [and more]

6/18/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOWThere's a danger with the Voltair question lingering in American radio [and more]

6/17/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOWVoltair – theoretically – may have greater impact on stations in Canada than the U.S. [and more]

6/17/15: All Access All AccessHarker Research Asks, 'Is Blocking Voltair Fair?'

6/16/15: sowny Southern Ontario/WNY Radio-TV Forum: The End of FM Stereo in Canada?

6/16/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOWCanada Lets the Air Out of Voltair [and more]

6/16/15: Radio Insights Radio InSightsPPM Flaws: It's About Fairness

6/15/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOWVoltair Use Curbed in Canada

6/15/15: Radio INK Radio InkVoltair Outlawed in Canada

6/14/15: Radio Insights Radio InSightsCanada Bans Voltair Processor. Is US Next?

6/11/15: NTS Media Online Monthly NTS Media Online: Is L.A. Station a Voltair "Miracle?"

6/10/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: Up 69%! Better Product or Voltair?

6/5/15:   Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Telos says “We loaned a Voltair to Nielsen in January, and we’re still waiting. [and more]

6/5/15:   NTS Media Online Monthly NTS Media Online: Who’s to Blame for Radio’s PPM Problems?

6/3/15:   RadioWorld RadioWorld: Voltair Discussed at Nielsen Audio Advisory Council Meeting

6/3/15:   Radio Insights Radio InSights: Radio is to Blame for PPM Failures

6/3/15:   Radio INK Radio Ink: Still No Test Results from Nielsen on Voltair

5/31/15: DickTaylorBlog DickTaylorBlog: What if the Problem isn't PPM?

5/27/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Eastlan Ratings cracks its first PPM market (with an unwitting assist from Voltair)

5/27/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: Now We Know: Nielsen PPM Short-Changing Radio

5/26/15: All Access All Access: Richard Harker

5/21/15: Radio INK Radio Ink: Mum is the Word on Voltair

5/21/15: Inside RadioInside Radio: Potential Impact of AQH Levels Scrutinized

5/21/15: Inside Radio Inside RadioVoltair: PPM Savior or Ratings Snake Oil?

5/21/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: The radio industry keeps trying to figure out how Voltair fits in

5/21/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: Voltair developer is "actively working on other concepts, processes and add-ons."

5/19/15: RadioWorld RadioWorld: Five Questions: Geoff Steadman

5/14/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: The debate over Voltair hasn’t gone away, even if it’s not public

5/14/15: Radio Insights Radio InSightsEverything You Know About PPM is Wrong

5/14/15: NTS Media Online Monthly NTS Media Online: Is Your Competitor A Super Achiever? Wonder Why?

5/13/15: Radio INK Radio InkRadio Ink Live Voltair Webinar

5/13/15: Radio INK Radio Ink:Nielsen Must Fully Test Three Markets with Voltair

5/9/15:   Radio INK Radio Ink:Radio's Measurement is the Most Accurate

5/7/15:   Radio Insights Radio InSights: The Myth of Minute by Minute and PPM Granularity

5/6/15:   RadioWorld RadioWorld: Voltair Creates Drama

5/5/15:   Radio INK Radio INK: Why Nielsen Needs to Underwrite Voltair

5/1/15:   NTS Media Online Monthly NTS Media Online: Let's Talk About Voltair

4/30/15: TWiRT This Week in Radio Tech: Audio Watermarking Technology Explained

4/30/15: NTS Media Online Monthly NTS Media Online: Radio’s Watermarking Is A Complex Eco-System

4/29/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: The Nielsen PPM Presentation You Need to Watch

4/27/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: What's All the Fuss Over Voltair? How About $2 Billion?

4/27/15: Darryl Parks Blog DarrylParksBlog: Radio's PPM: "Voltair is not fair" Or is it?

4/24/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: Did Arbitron Mislead RAB About PPM's Missing Listeners?

4/23/15: RBDR Research Business Daily Report: RBDR YouTube video

4/23/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: The fuss over Voltair continues…

4/23/15: Radio INK Radio INK: CEO Talks About Voltair's Popularity

4/23/15: Mark Ramsay Media Mark Ramsay Media: Too Much Fuss about Voltair

4/23/15: Inside Radio Inside Radio: Nielsen: ‘Good Progress’ on Web Ratings

4/22/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: The Nielsen Press Release that Kills Voltair

4/22/15: Radio INK Radio INK: Why Doesn't Nielsen Just Debunk Voltair?

4/22/15: Current Current: Inconsistent Nielsen Data Vexes Public Radio Stations and Inspires a Commercial Solution

4/20/15: Fybush Media Fybush.com: NERW 4/20/2015: An NAB Without Certainty

4/17/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: Nielsen's PPM, Ethics, and Voltair

4/16/15: Paragon Media Paragon Media Strategies: The “Steroids Era” in Radio is Here

4/15/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: The PPM Talk that Nielsen Should Have Given

4/14/15: RadioWorld RadioWorld: Trouble in PPM Town: The Thrill is Gone

4/14/15: Inside Radio Inside Radio: Reset of the Presets for Voltair

4/13/15: RadioWorld RadioWorld: Buzz Erupts Over Voltair

4/13/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: At the NAB: Processing for PPM

4/13/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: Now Media Rating Council to Dictate Audio Processing?

4/13/15: Media Confidential Media Confidential: Nielsen, Telos Alliance At Odds Over Hot Box

4/13/15: Inside Radio Inside Radio: Voltair Catches the Ear of the MRC

4/10/15: Tom Taylor NOW Tom Taylor NOW: PPM Wars

4/10/15RadioWorld RadioWorld: PPM Encoding Issue Heats Up Prior to NAB Show

4/10/15: Radio Insights Radio InSights: Nielsen PPM Poo Hits the Fan

4/10/15: Radio INK Radio INK: Harker Research: PPM Poo Hits The Fan

4/10/15: Inside Radio Inside Radio: Nielsen Puts Voltair Box to the Test

4/10/15All Access All Access: Nielsen And 25-Seven Systems Butt Heads Over Voltair Device

4/7/15:   Inside Radio Inside Radio: Ratings-Boosting Box Sweeps PPM Markets

4/7/15:   Inside Radio Inside Radio: Is PPM Technology Inherently Flawed?

4/1/15:   RadioWorld RadioWorld: So How’s Your PPM?

3/26/15All Access All Access: 25-Seven Systems To Highlight Voltair At NAB 2015

3/25/2015Radio magazine Radio: Telos Previews Slate of New Products

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