Zephyr/IP, World's Most Advanced IP Codec, Now Shipping

9 April 2008, Cleveland, OH USA

zephyr-ipTelos Systems is now shipping Zephyr/IP, a new IP Codec that brings an effective package of sophisticated technology to the world of IP audio codecs. Optimized for operation over the public Internet and mobile phone data services, the Z/IP delivers when others can’t.

Zephyr/IP utilizes ACT – Agile Connection Technology, which combines state-of-the-art loss detection and concealment with dynamic buffering and auto-varying bitrate functions – to continuously adapt to network conditions, minimizing the effects of packet loss, varying bandwidth, and jitter that occur on real-world networks. Z/IP also works directly with high-speed mobile phone data networks; a PC Card slot accepts standard mobile data cards.

Z/IP also introduces another technology leap: AAC-ELD, a new codec based on low-delay AAC. With its excellent fidelity at low bitrates, nearly inaudible loss concealment, and auto bitrate and jitter tuning, AAC-ELD delivers superior audio for two-way IP applications over non-controlled networks.

The Z/IP family includes both a studio codec and a PC-based server that addresses firewall and NAT (Network Address Translation) issues. Firewalls and NAT devices often found at the edges of LANs can prevent audio streams from flowing, but Telos Z/IP Server technology solves this problem, keeping track of users’ online status and IP address information so that making connections is as simple as selecting from an onscreen list.

Zephyr/IP has everything needed in a professional broadcast tool:

  • New AAC-ELD (Advanced Audio Coding - Enhanced Low Delay) Codec.
  • New Telos ACT (Agile Connection Technology).
  • Effective Packet Loss Concealment.
  • Audio I/O via AES/EBU, analog and an Axia Livewire IP-Audio interface.
  • Studio-grade 24-bit A-to-D and D-to-A converters.
  • Ethernet and USB connections.
  • Works directly with high-speed mobile phone data networks via an EVDO USB modem.
  • WiFi connectivity: Connect to any WiFi hotspot.
  • Transmission bitrates from 18 kbps to 256 kbps.
  • High-resolution, information-rich interface with context-sensitive on-screen help.
  • Full-VGA display screen displays network conditions in an intuitive color-coded graphics format.
  • Support of select wireless devices, as well as UMTS devices.
  • Telos-hosted Z/IP Server enables lookup of and connection to other Zephyr/IP users worldwide, even through firewalls and Network Address Translation (NAT) devices.
  • Dial by name regardless of the currently assigned IP address.
  • Compatible with Telos Zephyr Xstream and supports SIP, G.711, G.722, MPEG Layer 2.
  • Web server for remote configuration and remote control.


Telos Systems, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with offices in Europe, is a leading manufacturer of ISDN, coded audio and telephone interface products for talk-shows, teleconferencing, audio production, remote broadcasts, and intercom applications.