Z/IP ONE: more IP remotes in more places: KQQL

Z/IP ONE: more IP remotes in more places: KQQL, WKDF, WURD get new Telos codecs

Z/IP ONE: more IP remotes in more places KQQL, WKDF, WURD get new Telos codecs

26 September 2011, Cleveland Ohio, USA

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Telos Z/IP ONE codecs have recently been delivered to Cumulus Media’s WKDF-FM, Levas Communications’ WURD-AM, and Clear Channel’s KQQL-AM & FM. What do a Nashville Country station, a Philadelphia talker and an Oldies combo in the Twin Cities have in common? They’re all doing IP remotes with new Telos Z/IP ONE IP codecs.

Z/IP ONE is the newest addition to the Zephyr family of codecs, a slim 1RU device that maximizes the audio quality of remote broadcasts over public IP networks and mobile phone data services — even connections behind NATs and firewalls.

Telos is the world leader for broadcast codecs, with over 20,000 Zephyrs in use around the world. Broadcasters have quickly embraced Z/IP ONE , making it a best-seller in just a few short months thanks to its impressive balance of features and advanced technology. Z/IP ONE is wireless-capable and can connect to IP networks via EVDO, UMTS and Wi-Fi, and each Z/IP ONE ships with a matched WiFi modem stick to get broadcasters up and running quickly. Meanwhile, the complimentary Telos Z/IP Server service helps users overcome troublesome firewalls and NATs, as well as easily find and connect to other Z/IP codecs.

Z/IP ONE codecs are EBU N/ACIP compliant with support for the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) standard, which also enables Z/IP ONE to connect to a variety of VoIP devices.

Not only that: Z/IP ONE gives broadcasters the largest choice of high-performance codecs available anywhere, including AAC-ELD, AAC-HE, AAC-LD, MPEG Layer 2, MPEG 4 AAC LC, MPEG 2 AAC LC, G.711, G.722 and linear PCM. Coupled with Telos exclusive Agile Connection Technology (ACT), these codecs enable Z/IP ONE to deliver exceptional performance on real-world networks, ensuring the best possible audio quality that public IP networks can provide.

For more information about Z/IP ONE , visit Telos-Systems.com/zip-one/. For media information, contact Clark Novak at Telos Systems via email atcnovak@TelosAlliance.com, or call +1 216-241-7225.