WAPS Akron, OH launches innovative HD-4 processed by Omnia ONE

23 September 2011, Cleveland, OH USA

WAPS in Akron Ohio, known as The Summit (http://www.913thesummit.com/), has been processing their HD-2 and HD-3 services with Omnia ONEs for quite a while now.

But, with the introduction of an innovative new HD-4 service called “Rock and Recovery” (http://rockandrecovery.com/), an additional Omnia ONE will be put into service.

But not just for the usual power and punch which the mighty little Omnia ONE brings to any service, FM, AM, internet or satellite.

“The HD-4 transmission will be at dramatically reduced bitrate” says WAPS Chief Engineer Jim Morgan. “Without the Sensus capability of the Omnia ONE, I don’t know if we would have been able to pull it off, because it is a music service and not just talk”.

What is Sensus? Simply stated, Sensus, an Omnia exclusive feature, has the ability to “sense” what must be done to a signal in order to best tailor it for output to a codec. As program content changes, it “rearranges the algorithms” to accomplish this goal. The uniqueness of the Sensus technology makesit highly suitable not only for codec pre-conditioning (or provisioning), but also for a range of other highly specialized signal processing challenges.

Jim continues: “The Omnia ONE is a great little box. That’s why we have it on all of our HD services. We recently started an LMA with an FM outside of our primary coverage area to rebroadcast WAPS, and our management insisted on buying an Omnia ONE for them.”

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