Telos ProSTREAM processes, encodes, streams with no PC

Telos ProSTREAM processes, encodes, streams with no PC 
All-in-one pure-hardware Internet streaming solution demonstrated at NAB

29 March, 2012, Cleveland Ohio, USA

For years, radio stations who wished to stream their programming to Internet listeners had to confront a nightmare of multiple PC platforms, unpredictable computer operating systems and software packages that didn‘t always play nicely together, in order to get their streams to the Net.

That nightmare is over thanks to Telos ProSTREAM, the hardware-based Internet streaming solution for radio professionals. ProSTREAM takes the essentials needed to produce superior-quality Internet audio and multi-band audio processing, genuine MPEG encoding, and delivery to stream replication services and puts them all inside one reliable hardware appliance.

"In the past, it‘s been a real trial for broadcasters who want to stream audio over the Net," observes Telos Marketing Manager Clark Novak. "You had to hassle with multiple computers, license multiple software packages, worry about processing and encoding that didn‘t complement each other. Not to mention random PC operating system updates. Broadcasters were clamoring for a better way to do this. ProSTREAM gives it to them."

With ProSTREAM, broadcasters no longer need separate devices for audio processing, encoding and streaming; all of these functions are included in a professional, fanless rack-mount audio device.

To make streams sound their best, ProSTREAM first employs processing from Omnia, the world leaders in audio processing for broadcast. Processing functions include wideband AGC, a 3-band combined compressor/limiter, high-frequency equalization, an adjustable-bandwidth low-pass filter, and a final Look-Ahead limiter. To help users start streaming quickly, a variety of audio processing presets are tailored to various programming types and bit rates; full processing controls allow tweaking to achieve a "signature sound" that mirrors users‘ broadcast audio.

After processing, genuine MPEG encoding algorithms from FhG, the inventors of MP3, ensure the most artifact-free sound quality at whatever bit rate you choose. ProSTREAM can encode directly to MP3 or MPEG-AAC (AAC-LC or HE-AAC) at bit rates from 14 kbps to 320 kbps, and feed any Shoutcastcompatible media server, ICECast server, or Wowza or Adobe Flash Media server for streaming to Flash clients. ProSTREAM can also send streams directly to other popular third-party servers.

Additionally, ProSTREAM employs exclusive Omnia SENSUS™ technology to minimize codec artifacts as well as restore the fullness and depth that bit-reduction steals. SENSUS enables ProSTREAM‘s audio processing section to modify its own architecture in real time and in response to changing program content, resulting in clean, engaging, clearly superior audio streams.

Setting up ProSTREAM is easy, thanks to clear, intuitive front-panel controls and a built-in HTTP server. Use the Webserver for remote administration from any PC with a Web browser; use the front panel for fast tweaks from the rack. There‘s also a built-in headphone jack and front-panel volume control to allow real-time monitoring of on-the-fly changes. ProSTREAM comes standard with studio-grade analog I/O, and also works with Livewire™ IP-Audio systems, taking audio directly from the network and turning it into audio streams that can be sent back to the LAN, or to a streaming replication service via WAN. Separate Ethernet ports for LAN and WAN connections help make sure that the studio network is securely isolated from the outside world.

Visitors to NAB 2012 in Las Vegas can see ProSTREAM in operation at the Telos Alliance exhibit, Booth C3113 in the Central Hall. For more in-depth information about Telos ProSTREAM, visit For media information, contact Clark Novak via email, or call +1 216-241-7225.



Telos ProSTREAM hardware streaming processor/encoder

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