Frank Foti Wins Two Prestigious NewBay Industry Innovator Awards

CLEVELAND, OH – November 7, 2017

The Telos Alliance®—innovator in broadcast radio and TV technology and parent company to Telos®, Omnia®, Axia®, Linear Acoustic®, 25-Seven®, and Minnetonka™—announced today that CEO Frank Foti is one of only two innovators that won two NewBay Industry Innovator Awards presented by Radio World and Radio magazine.NB_IndustryInnovator_Award_logos_2017_ol_RadioWorld.png

Frank Foti is the CEO of the Telos Alliance, the founder of Omnia Audio, and a pioneer in broadcast audio processing and broadcast engineering. His numerous technical achievements have helped to shape the sound of broadcast audio for the last 40 years. Frank's innovations include Non-Aliasing DSP Clipper and Low-IMD Clipping technologies, both of which push the envelope in terms of the high level of performance that can be attained in radio broadcasts. Frank also designed the first all-digital FM audio processor and first DSP-based broadcast audio processor.

Additionally, Frank is developer of Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier Technology for FM. By taking advantage of today's computing power he brought Single Sideband FM stereo from a theory to a usable tool in the broadcaster’s transmitting toolbox. He is an innovator of new tech and features in broadcast processing, including the first broadcast processors to have AES composite output and the first broadcast processor with 48KHz audio sampling rate.


It’s not only Frank's personal thought leadership in the area of audio processing, but his leadership as the CEO of the Telos Alliance, that has paved the way for innovation across all six Telos Alliance brands. He is responsible for the creative, think-tank environment that led to numerous innovations for the company. Most recently, Frank worked intensively with the Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group to disrupt a critical segment of the broadcast communication industry with the introduction of the new Telos Infinity™ IP Intercom, the first in a new series of Telos Infinity solutions that represents a complete reimagining of broadcast communications. His leadership also led to Axia inventing Audio over IP for broadcast with its Livewire protocol; Telos Alliance being the first company in the United States to license MP3; 25-Seven to create Voltair and challenge the status quo in the ratings watermarking arena; Telos Alliance becoming founding members of the Media Networking Alliance and staunch proponents of the AES67 interoperability standard; Omnia to develop the µMPX audio codec, which transports high-quality Multiplexed FM signals over a small 320kbps data pipe; and much more. 


Frank - Pianos - DC.jpg
Telos Alliance CEO Frank Foti at Abbey Road Studios


NewBay’s Industry Innovator Award winners are selected by a panel of experts and evaluated on their professional achievements, technical and business innovations, and continuing influence within their industries.

All winners and nominees will be featured in the special Industry Innovator Awards Program Guide, to be distributed in digital edition form to more than 100,000 readers.

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