Telos / Omnia Inks Sales Agreement With Cumulus, BGS

Cumulus Chooses Omnia As Exclusive Supplier Of FM & AM Audio Processing Equipment

9 May 2003, Cleveland, Ohio

Atlanta, Georgia’s Cumulus Broadcasting (, owners of more than 260 FM and AM radio stations across the United States, has selected Telos/Omnia Audio as exclusive suppliers of audio processing equipment for all of their AM and FM radio operations.

In a three-way agreement inked between Telos Systems, Cumulus and Florida-based Broadcaster’s General Store (, Cumulus will standardize on Omnia FM and AM audio processors, selecting the company’s offerings as their sole method of on-air processing. In addition, Telos is named a “preferred supplier” of ISDN codecs and broadcast phone equipment; Cumulus purchases of Telos and Omnia products will be handled exclusively byBroadcaster’s General Store.

Cumulus isthe US’ second largest radio broadcasting company based upon number of stations owned or operated. According to the Fall 2001 Arbitron Market Report, Cumulus’ station clusters rank first or second in terms of revenue share or audience share in almost every market in which they are present.

According to Gary Kline, corporate director of engineering for Cumulus, “One of the reasons for the success of Cumulus is the high quality of product we produce. Both Telos / Omnia and BGS have also become successful by providing high quality products. Having a team like that on our side helps ensure that Cumulus will always have the highest technical quality for the product we produce.”

“We're honored to have the opportunity to work with Cumulus,” says Omnia president Frank Foti. “Our companies share a common culture of excellence, dedication and passion, especially embodied by John Dickey, Gary Kline, and the rest of the Cumulus engineering team. Their commitment to quality is second to none, and we're proud to be their exclusive choice for audio processing.”

BGS President Dave Kerstin concurs. “The rapid evolution of today’s broadcast markets makes rapid response to changing needs essential. Forward-thinking companies like Cumulus and Telos recognize this; BGS is pleased to collaborate with such outstanding partners.”

Telos Systems, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with offices in Europe and Canada, is a leading manufacturer of ISDN, coded audio and telephone interface products for talk-shows, teleconferencing, audio production, remote broadcasts, and intercom applications. Omnia, a Telos company, is worldrenowned for its digital audio signal processing expertise. Omnia audio processors for FM, AM, TV, HD Radio & DAB, Internet, and audio production are setting new standards for professional audio quality.

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