Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier Interest Gains Momentum

29 February 2012 Cleveland Ohio, USA

Recently, the crew at Omnia Audio was privileged to receive some dramatic evidence regarding our proposed method of using SSBSC (Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier) as a transmission alternative for FM Stereo broadcasting.

Numerous field tests have illustrated that, in many cases, SSBSC will reduce the effects of multipath within the coverage area of the broadcast signal in a system which is fully compatible with existing radio receivers.

Now, however, Greater Media of Boston has released the results of some on-air testing which compare the legacy DSBSC system vs. our proposed SSBSC alternative for FM-Stereo in a convincing video demonstration.

Their chief engineer, Paul Shullins, drove a well known multipath-challenged route within the coverage area of WMJX 106.7 FM, one of the Greater Media properties. A video from the dashboard of his car captured the audio and the route traveled.

The video can be viewed at:

There are two videos presented back-to-back, taken from the exact same points along the route. The first one, dated November 15, 2011, is of the standard DSBSC stereo system, and the other is taken the next day on November 16, 2011, using the SSBSC method.

What you'll observe is not an isolated case.

For a detailed explanation on the subject of SSBSC technology, click here:

Omnia Audio founder Frank Foti will be delivering a talk on the subject of SSBSC for FM Stereo transmission at the NAB Convention in Las Vegas, Sunday April 15 at 10:30 AM. See for room number as soon as it is available.

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Both the Omnia.9 and the Omnia.11 incorporate switchable SSBSC technology as a standard feature.

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