Omnia.SG now has GPS clock sync option

May 26, 2011

Omnia.SG can now be ordered with a built-in, GPS clock sync designed to assist with the synchronization of stations that are on the same frequency or on closely-spaced adjacent frequencies.

The GPS clock sync is used, for example, when a station puts a booster on the same frequency to fill behind a mountain or tall buildings which block the main transmitter, but is in the primary service area. Unless the stereo encoders are precisely synchronized at both transmitter sites, when a listener is in a spot where both signals are coming in equally, there is distortion, noise, the stereo pilot detector will switch back and forth between the two stations noisily, along with other annoying behavior. The Omnia SG with clock syc option synchronizes the sites precisely via GPS.

This synchronization is done through a 10Mhz clock input from a GPS receiver at each site.

The Omnia.SG with GPS clock sync will list for $2595.

Omnia.SG units in current service can be sent back for a factory upgrade to the GPS clock sync for a $400 charge.

Omnia.SG lets you keep the on-air processor at the studio, where it's convenient, while keeping stereo generation at the transmitter, where it belongs. Designed to compliment your existing audio processing, Omnia.SG is modeled after the same stereo generator used in Omnia audio processors provides stereo generation and includes a selectable composite clipper and base-band filter for crisp, clean loudness.

It's the best of both worlds: clear, digital stereo generation and the convenience of locating your processing at the studio.

Now with a GPS clock sync option.

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