Omnia.9 and 9/XE Christmas Preset

Omnia.9 and 9/XE Christmas Preset Makes The Holidays Sparkle, too!

How about my Omnia 9 or Omnia 9/XE?

OK, you’ve got it!

A pre-set for the Omnia.9 and 9/XE, specially engineered for the unique processing requirements of Christmas music presentations.

One of the major challenges in processing holiday music is the extremely wide variety of recording artists and eras which are played in a typical presentation. It is probably the only time when a pre-tape Bing Crosby recording may be heard back to back with a current artist's highly produced, digital release, or a traditional Christmas carol resides in the same set as a contemporary drum and bass favorite.

The Omnia.9 and 9/XE Christmas preset will manage all of this music with ease, yet maintain the famous power, punch and clarity that all Omnia processors are famous for.

"It’s a very warm preset, bringing the thoughts to an antique radio with a comfy chair in front of the fireplace with a glass of warm mulled wine with almonds and raisins....a Swedish Christmas tradition!" says Omnia.9 developer Leif Claesson.

Download the Omnia.9 and 9/XE Christmas preset here

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While you’re at it, check out the brand new Omnia 9/XE:

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