Omnia.9 Processing Now Available in Minnetonka AudioTools Products

Acclaimed Omnia.9 Radio Processing Now Available in Minnetonka AudioTools Server and AudioTools FOCUS

April 24th, 2017 - Minnetonka Audio, part of the TV Solutions Group of the Telos Alliance, announced the introduction of file-based Omnia.9 audio processing as part of their AudioTools Server and AudioTools FOCUS solutions.

AudioTools Server is the No. 1 enterprise-level platform for automated and unattended file-based audio processing and has helped broadcasters add audio analysis and management processes to their existing video-centric, file-based environments, AudioTools Server is supplied with ready-to-use profiles for typical use cases, such as channel assignment detection, comprehensive file-based loudness control, Dolby E automation, movie adaptation, and more.

Since its introduction nearly six years ago, the Omnia.9 hardware processor has been the choice for AM, FM, HD, DAB, and streaming radio broadcasters around the world who demand the cleanest, most transparent audio possible. Omnia,9's exclusive "Undo" feature employs a declipper to recreate audio peaks that were clipped during the mastering process and a multiband expander to restore dynamics lost to aggressive compression and limiting. With wideband and multiband dynamics processing, unparalleled flexibility and sonic customization, from gentle gain riding to a highly consistent and unique spectral output, are at the fingertips of every discerning engineer,

The Omnia.9 module for Minnetonka AudioTools Server and AudioTools FOCUS brings this same powerful audio processing engine to our file-based AudioTools platform, the recognized global leader for enterprise file-based audio processing. The Omnia.9 module can be used by itself or in conjunction with any of our other ATS loudness measurement, loudness management, and coding modules in single file, or batch file modes,

Specialized presets for varying program content including talk, sports, and all genres of music are provided along with some of the most popular Omnia.9 factory presets. Omnia.9 customers can also create their own presets in the hardware unit and import them to AudioTools Server and AudioTools FOCUS.

Many ATS customers around the world have asked for radio specific processing for podcasts, and other use cases. We didn't have to look far for a solution with being a part of the Telos Alliance. Omnia processing is the benchmark for radio sound and we are thrilled to be able to offer it in a file-based platform," said John Schur, President, TV Solutions Group of the Telos Alliance.

Omnia.9 for AudioTools Server and AudioTools FOCUS will be on display in the TV Solutions Group booth, SU2321. For more information, visit

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