Omnia.11 v3.0 Enables Exciting New Processing Features

Omnia.11 v3.0 Enables Exciting New Processing Features and Functionality, Including the Optional G-Force and Perfect Declipper Plug-Ins

CLEVELAND, OH – 10 August 2016 

The Telos Alliance®—parent company of Omnia® Audio—announced that its new, free Omnia.11 v3.0 software is now available as a downloadable field update. V3.0 brings exciting new functionality to all Omnia 11 users, while providing a platform for the optional G-Force Engine Plug-In and the Perfect Declipper Plug-In.

Free Omnia.11 v3.0 Software Update 
Omnia.11 version 3.0 has some useful and exciting improvements for broadcast engineers, including static RDS. The flexibility of analog, AES/EBU, or Livewire® patch points lets users integrate their Voltair®/Encoder combo into their audio-processing chain. A new parametric EQ, including lo and hi shelf, replaces the limiter mixer section in the HD processing chain. With 3.0, users can also select whether the HD processing is fed with the signal that goes through the patch point or not, allowing for separate PPM® watermarking of HD/digital sides. The Omnia.11's bass section now includes upper subharmonic control of Solar Plexus over tonal balance. V3.0 also adds compatibility with the Day-Sequerra Time Lock system, along with many other features. Visit the Omnia.11 v3.0 page for details.

Turbo-Charge Your Sound with Optional Plug-Ins
With v3.0 comes the ability to turbo-charge your Omnia.11 sound with the all-new optional G-Force™ Dynamics Engine Plug-In. Designed by Telos Alliance CEO / Omnia Founder Frank Foti and Senior Algorithm Developer Cornelius Gould, G-Force represents a major architectural leap forward in regards to Omnia.11's dynamics—so significant, in fact, that Omnia has given the display an all-new graphical user interface.

A brand-new dynamics processing framework enables the Omnia.11 to set the overall EQ for signature consistency, making it sound cleaner, clearer, louder, more consistent, more open, and more pleasing. You hear the music. You hear the voice. You don’t hear the processor.Omnia-11-Front-3.0.jpg

"We're giving existing Omnia.11 users the option to upgrade to G-Force-level sound via a Plug-In, eliminating the expense of purchasing an entirely new processor," says Foti. "It costs less than a grand and reconfirms our commitment to providing our customers with the most state-of-the-art tools available."

G-Force's highly refined density detection scheme means rock-solid performance across a wide range of recordings. Program adaptive attack, release, and ratio values let you set the characteristic elements of your signature sound and make audio acceleration and deceleration smoother than ever, without sudden, audible swings. AGC sections synchronize with program material. Additionally, Multiband Limiters now self-adapt to Multiband AGC activity and also feature program-controlled attack and release, actively reducing limiter-induced inter-mod distortion. Advanced adjustment mode allows more precise bass sculpting, including Omnia's Solar Plexus bass enhancement feature. An intelligent active bass clipper system allows the full power of the new bass enhancement scheme to come through on the dial. Finally, a new bass-management system allows broadcasters to adjust the Omnia.11's low end sub-system with a single knob.

And just when you thought nothing could sound any better, G-Force-enabled Omnia.11s can be upgraded with the Perfect Declipper Plug-In. Engineered by audio-processing legend Hans van Zutphen, the Perfect Declipper uses a revolutionary new algorithm to replace clipped areas in audio recordings, restoring dynamics and removing distortion. 

All new Omnia.11 units ship with v3.0 and G-Force already installed and activated. G-Force optional Dynamics Engine Plug-In ($985) can be added to any Omnia.11 running v3.0. Omnia.11 units purchased in 2016 are eligible for a free G-Force Plug-In upgrade. The Perfect Declipper Plug-In ($495) requires that v.30 is installed, and the G-Force Engine is running. For those who want to try the G-Force Plug-In, v.3.0 contains a series of no-obligation four-hour G-Force demos.

Click here for high-resolution images of Omnia.11 with G-Force Plug-In.

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