Omnia.11 non-HD and Omnia.9 single HD debut at NAB

Two variants of the popular Omnia.11 and Omnia.9 models will be making their debuts at the 2012 NAB Convention in Las Vegas from April 16-19 at the Omnia Audio/ Telos Alliance Exhibit, booth C3113.

The familiar Omnia.11 FMHD will be joined by the Omnia.11 FM, which will include all of the power and dynamics of the original, multiple award winning FM processor, but without HD/DRM capability for those who have no immediate need for second service processing.

The versatile Omnia.9 FM+3HD will also be joined by the Omnia.9 FM+HD, which includes all of the features of the original-such as "Undo" distortion management , composite embedder and streaming/encoding capability-but designed for those who wish to only process and stream one program source for analog and HD.

Each unit is upgradable to the full version at a later time if desired.

Both units, like their big brothers, have Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier technology on board as a standard feature.

For a detailed explanation on the subject of SSBSC technology, click here:

Omnia Audio founder Frank Foti will be delivering a talk on the subject of SSBSC for FM Stereo transmission at the NAB Convention in Las Vegas, Sunday April 15 at 10:30 AM.  See for room number as soon as it is available.

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Both the Omnia.9 and the Omnia.11 incorporate switchable SSBSC technology as a standard feature.
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