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Cohan Radio Group acquires another Omnia ONE

27 December 2012

Jeff Crews, Chief Engineer of Florida's Cohan Radio Group, made "the biggest no-brainer decision of the month" when he decided to purchase a second Omnia ONE FM, this time for WWLL, Sebring Florida's Lite 105.7.

"We already had an Omnia ONE at our other Cohan station, WWOJ, country 99.1, and we were due for an upgrade on WWLL. Management was always very happy with the performance of the ONE and how it made our country station sound fantastic, so we went with a second Omnia ONE for Lite 105.7" reports Jeff.

"I also consult for other companies and swear by Omnia audio processors. The support from Omnia is terrific, and I am always impressed by the performance of the products, especially the Omnia ONE".

Thanks, Jeff.

Just a short time ago, we shipped our 8,000th Omnia ONE and every day, it seems, we hear from yet another satisfied CE, GM or PD about this amazing little processor that beats the pants off of other units costing thousands more.

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