Omnia Toolvox Delivered to Skyrock

Leading French Broadcaster Praises Digital Mic Processor

19 February 2000, Paris, France

Omnia’s newly introduced ToolVox Digital Microphone Processor has begun to gain early accolades from European users, according to company spokespeople. Among the first with compliments for ToolVox is Paris, France-base Skyrock’s Chief Engineer, Marc Augis.

“ToolVox has an abundance of real processing power and utilities that are very useful,” says Mr. Augis. “The interface is simple and secure, and each user can create his or her own permanent presets. ToolVox is wonderful.”

Omnia ToolVox is the first digital microphone processor that unleashes the full power of DSP (digital signal processing) by combining the most-used microphone processing tools into a single, integrated unit. Compression, limiting, parametric EQ, shelf and bandpass filters are joined with essential tools such as TrueVerb reverb from Waves, multi-level phase rotation, and a revolutionary new de-esser which uses FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) technology to remove unwanted sibilance. Also included are a high-performance mic preamp with up to 70dB of gain, and built-in phantom power. This integrated approach to microphone processing allows broadcasters to achieve, with a single ToolVox, levels of processing that would traditionally require three or more separate components.

Designed to allow each voice talent to have his or her own user setting, ToolVox allows front panel access to up to 100 stored presets. Security features prevent tampering with processing functions, which are adjusted remotely via the built-in Ethernet or RS-232 ports. This LAN/WAN accessibility also permits presets to be shared by networked ToolVox units, so that talent can use their personal setting anywhere in the broadcast facility – or take it with them to other facilities.

To find out more about Omnia ToolVox, visit Cutting Edge in booth #M132 at the 108th AES Show in Paris, France, February 19-22, 2000.


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