Nashville's #1 Station Picks Axia

29 February 2008, Cleveland, OH USA

The number-one rated radio station in Nashville will soon be on-the-air with Axia IP-Audio consoles and routing equipment.

South Central Communications’ top-ranked WJXA-FM and sister station WCJK-FM have ordered two 28-position Element consoles plus a complement of Microphone Nodes, Analog Line Nodes, AES/EBU Line Nodes, a Router Selector Node and Axia PathfinderPC™ Router Control Software to be used in their main on-air studios. Several Mic Control + Headphone Selector panels were also ordered for studio guest positions.

The order was placed through Broadcasters General Store.

The Axia IP-Audio system allows broadcasters to build audio networks of any size using standard switched Ethernet to connect a few rooms, or an entire facility. Axia networks have a total system capacity of more than 10,000 audio streams, and can carry hundreds of digital stereo (or nearly a hundred surround) channels over a single CAT-6 cable, eliminating much of the cost normally associated with wiring labor and infrastructure. Axia products include the popular Element modular broadcast console, a family of “audio nodes” that allow easy mixing and matching of digital, analog and microphone audio, and a comprehensive suite of network administration and routing control software.