New Zephyr Xport Wins Major Awards at Las Vegas NAB

29 April 2002, Cleveland, OH USA

Zephyr XportWhen a new product garners an award at the Spring NAB Convention in Las Vegas, it’s worth noting. When that product earns two awards from major trade publications, heads turn.

Zephyr Xport, a low-cost portable codec that produces exceptional quality from POTS lines, earned almost unheard-of dual awards at the Spring show; Radio World’s Cool Stuff award and BE Radio Magazine’s Pick Hit award, each given to the best new products shown at the NAB.

Zephyr Xport is the first world’s first POTS codec to incorporate Coding Technologies’ revolutionary MPEG AAC-SBR (Spectral Band Replication) coding algorithm. SBR enhances the efficiency of MPEG AAC (sometimes referred to as MP4) by 30%, making it possible to transmit very high quality audio over an analog modem.

Zephyr Xport also reduces total cost for remote systems. Its unique DSP-based modem architecture enables an ISDN connection at the studio end of the call; Xport connects to a POTS telephone line, but communicates with an ISDNconnected Zephyr Xstream in the studio. This provides an additional benefit to Zephyr Xstream users, whose studio-side units can be used to connect to Zephyr Xport, Zephyr ISDN transceivers, and even third-party ISDN codecs.

Xport is designed for portable use and contains a built-in mixer, which provides mic and line inputs with selectable dynamics processing by Omnia, independent receive audio, and separately adjustable headphone and monitor mix outputs. Like Zephyr Xstream transceivers, Zephyr Xport incorporates a Web server, Ethernet port, and boasts a friendly user interface built with non-technical operators in mind.

Zephyr Xport is currently in Beta testing, and is scheduled to begin shipping to clients later this year. Projected cost is $2,390.00 US MSRP.

To find out more about Zephyr Xport, visit Telos in Stand 4B21 at the 112th AES Convention in Munich, Germany, May 10th – 13th , 2002.

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