Industry Praises New Omnia-3fm "Turbo" Audio Processor

"A Perfect Fit," say broadcast engineers

15 October 2004, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Omnia Audio is receiving praise from all quarters for the new Omnia-3fm Turbo, an enhanced audio processor that builds on and enhances the proven capabilities of the well-known Omnia-3fm. The new “Turbo” software provides broadcasters with even more control and dial presence, while maintaining the audio purity competitive broadcasters demand.

In a significant addition, Omnia-3fm Turbo now sports a three-band AGC section that conveys a larger, warmer sound in the lower frequencies while maintaining the open, natural texture of the high end. The resulting segment-to-segment quality is smooth and even, giving broadcasters a signature sound imbued with even greater spectral consistency. And a selection of convenient factory presets help broadcasters get up and running in the shortest time possible.

“We love the controls! Omnia-3fm Turbo is so smooth. We have a soft rock format, and the Country preset with a few adjustments works perfectly for us. You can really hear the difference the three AGC bands make,” says David Hood, Chief Engineer at Emmis Broadcasting's WENS-FM in Indianapolis.

But power, clarity, and convenience are only part of the package. Broadcasters also agree that the Omnia-3fm Turbo also gives a great “bang for the buck”; Peter Stewart, a contract engineer in Akron, Ohio, says that “the Omnia-3fm Turbo is a great processor for the money.”

Stewart also sings the praises of the Omnia-3fm Turbo compared to more costly processors, adding “It definitely gives you enough power to compete loudness-wise with the bigger, more expensive boxes. Jazz, classical and other ‘purist’ formatted stations may find it a perfect fit.”

Omnia-3fm Turbo includes many features not found in other products in its class, including:

  • 48kHz sampling with an adjustable, over-sampled three-band limiter and new three-band AGC section.
  • A unique and technologically advanced multiband limiter that employs a feedback configuration for low and midbands, with high bands utilizing a feedforward design.
  • A wide range of factory presets specially tuned to take advantage of the powerful processing capabilities found in Omnia-3 processors. These format-specific presets help users get up and running quickly.
  • Renowned Omnia Bass Management controls.
  • A flexible remote software application that can connect via serial, or optional modem or Ethernet ports.
  • A highly advanced, distortion-canceling composite clipping stage will make your signal clean, clear and loud.
  • A removable PC Card storage system that makes it easy to share, store and retrieve favorite settings.
  • An integrated, near-theoretically-perfect digital stereo generator.
  • Full-featured I/O with standard analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs.

Leading broadcasters the all over the world choose Omnia to raise their ratings, boost their sound, and bury their competition. For more information, contact Clark Novak at, or visit


Omnia-3fm Turbo — from Omnia Audio
(You can download a print-quality photo at

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