Experience Surround FM at the 2005 Conclave

Omnia’s Frank Foti to Head HD Radio™ Sessions

12 July 2005, Cleveland, OH USA

For the third consecutive year, Omnia President Frank Foti has been invited to The Conclave Learning Conference in Minneapolis, again teaming with respected radio programmer Don Kelly for an eye-opening discussion called “Begin the Revolution: HD Radio™ For Fun & Profit.”

“I’m really looking forward to The Conclave.” says Foti. “Last year was fantastic. The programmers at our session were amazed at how good music sounds in surround; this year they’ll be positively blown away when they hear discrete 5.1 broadcast over HD Radio!”

Telos / Omnia and Fraunhofer Institute (FhG), the developers of MP3 and MPEG AAC audio coding, wowed crowds at the 2005 NAB Convention in Las Vegas earlier this year with two over-the-air demonstrations of HD Radio surround-sound transmission method using Telos, Omnia and Axia studio equipment. Unlike old-fashioned “matrix” schemes, the Fraunhofer system works with existing HD Radio codec and transmission equipment, and is fully compatible with stereo broadcasts and source material.

“When radio programmers and managers first experience HD Radio in discrete 5.1 they become very enthusiastic, imagining the competitive and commercial advantages they could gain by using it,” says Foti. “Savvy broadcasters immediately realize that they can reap big benefits from the changes FM Surround will bring.”

Mr. Foti has authored a compelling white paper discussing the technical and marketplace advantages of multi-channel FM entitled The Killer App for FM: 5.1 Surround Sound. “I’ve heard the future of FM Radio, and it’s truly exciting,” he writes. “Audio stores say that 90% of their customers ask for multichannel sound equipment by name. That’s compelling unto itself!”

Mr. Foti’s two-part Conclave session will take place Friday, July 23rd 2005, at the Marriott City Center in Minneapolis. For details, visit www.theconclave.com or contact Caroline Dorsey at +1-216- 241-7225.


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