Europe Chooses Omnia, Telos Products

Digital Audio Processors and Phone Systems Are Favorites With Broadcasters

AMSTERDAM, September 8, 2000

In a country known for its love of music, the nation's two most liostened-to music stations have standardized on Omnia Digital Audio Processors. France's NRJ and NOSTALGIE (along with sister networks CHERIE FM and RIRE & CHANSONS) have each selected Omnia audio processing to deliver smooth, clear audio to their listeners. NRJ, the first in Europe to use Omnia Audio Processors, now uses Omnia on 150 stations and 600 transmitters throughout France, as well as in installations in Finland, Belgium and other countries.

According to David Perreau, Audio Chief for the NRJ Group, Omnia is their processor of choice because it is designed to meet the critical processing needs of the demanding user. "The Omnia design team listens to feedback from the engineers who install their products, and keep making them sound better and better," said Perreau.

In Finland, Telemast Nordic reported the recent sale of 20 Telos Zephyrs and Telos Zephyr Express to Finnish radio stations. The company said that Omnia processors were also installed at NRJ, Star FM and Kiss-FM/FM Network in Helsinki; Radio Slminen in Lisalmi; Radio Mega in Oulu and Radio Ankkuri in Kemi.

Sky Radio, broadcast on two frequencies in The Netherlands and heard in Stockholm and other European countries via cable, has installed five Omnias. The network delivers a 24- hour music format and is the dominant commercial radio in The Netherlands, aiming for a quality on-air sound through its selection of good equipment.

Sky Radio Technical Manager Rob Korver said that when he first heard about Omnia, he arranged several in-depth meetings with Omnia developer and company founder Frank Foti, who impressed him with the technical performance of Omnia in various processing demonstrations.

Korver said that when the first Omnias went on the air, there were immediate comments on the improvement in the audio. He noted that it is easy to customize Omnia to each station’s sound. "Using the remote software it is easy to make changes from time to time and to really fine-tune the sound. It's clear that with the best processing on earth, as well as the enormous help and back-up of the Omnia design team, even a leading radio station can sound better than it already did."


Cutting Edge (Omnia) is world-renowned for its innovative digital audio signal processing expertise. Its family of digital audio processors for FM, AM, TV, DAB, Internet, and broadcast audio production are setting new standards for audio quality in the broadcast and Internet industries worldwide. To find out more about Omnia, call +1 (216) 241-3343, or browse

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