Crown/Omnia DP3 Audio Processing Cards Now Shipping

On-board processing integrates into popular FM transmitters

21 March 2005, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Omnia Audio announced today that it has delivered its on-board audio processor designed to integrate directly with the popular line of FM transmitters produced by Crown Broadcast. The Crown/Omnia DP3, the world’s first broadcast digital audio processor that integrates directly with the transmitter, is now being shipped exclusively to Crown Broadcast for worldwide distribution and will be immediately available as an upgrade component for all Crown transmitters currently in the field.

Developed through an exclusive OEM agreement, the Crown/Omnia DP3 audio processor plugs directly into the chassis of all Crown Broadcast FM-Series radio transmitters. Easily installed by a qualified technician, the Crown/Omnia DP3 greatly improves the processed audio by creating noticeably stronger, cleaner and more powerful sound. The DP3 provides an extensive collection of processing presets; users can also create their own custom processing using intuitive front panel controls. The DP3 will be offered as an option for all Crown transmitter models currently in production.

The Crown/Omnia DP3 has discrete left/right analog outputs emphasizing a system distortion of less than 0.017% THD and a frequency response of 0.2 dB and 20Hz – 20kHz. With analog, digital or Windows®-based computer interface program installation options, the DP3 provides electronically balanced input and output. Complete audio and technical details are available at

Omnia’s exclusive agreement with Crown Broadcast to develop and produce an on-board processor for transmitters has already resulted in a Radio World Cool Stuff Award for both organizations. For more information, visit Omnia at booth N2816, and Crown Broadcast at booth N722 during the 2005 NAB Conference in Las Vegas from April 18-21, or contact Caroline Dorsey at


Omnia, a Telos company, is world-renowned for its digital audio signal processing expertise. Omnia audio processors for FM, AM, TV, HD Radio & DAB, Internet, and audio production are setting new standards for professional audio quality.

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