Clear Channel Chicago Installs Series 2101 Talkshow System

Clear Channel Chicago Installs Series 2101 Talkshow System

17 February 2003, Cleveland Ohio, USA

When broadcast studio facilities grow large, infrastructure can be hard to keep control of. That's why Clear Channel chose a Telos Systems Series 2101 Multi-Studio Talkshow System to gain greater control over onair phones in its Chicago station cluster, which consists of seven stations including Number-One rated WGCI-FM.

Dan Mettler, Regional Engineering Manager for Clear Channel Radio, chose Series 2101 in part for its capability to dynamically reconfigure studio phones. "Our Chicago cluster shares 48 incoming call lines among seven different radio stations," he explains. "Series 2101 lets us put any station into any studio, and quickly reassign the stationís call-in lines to that studio as well. You can go to any room and be any station! That ability really adds a lot to our flexibility."

Ease of operation is another advantage, explains Mettler. "The entire system is networked, so I can sit in my office and administer the whole thing. If youíre doing a large studio installation, this system makes lots of sense & it's very adaptable."

Series 2101 is the worldís only whole-plant telephone system designed for large studio complexes. Its unique scalable architecture joins computer intelligence and routing capabilities with ISDN PRI (Primary Rate Interface) telephone circuits, allowing broadcasters to manage up to 96 callers using T1 lines and 120 callers using E1. In typical configurations, Series 2101 controls as many as 32 studios.

Series 2101 also provides crystal-clear caller audio, thanks to the combination of powerful DSP hybrids and ISDN. Digital phone lines eliminate problems that commonly plague analog lines, such as crosstalk, echo and inducted noise. Control of talk shows is also enhanced with faster, more precise call setup and line statusreporting, Caller ID support, and the ability to screen talk shows from remote locations using LAN or WAN connections.

Major broadcasters using the Series 2101 Multi-Studio Talkshow System include XM Satellite Radio, ESPN, Sirius Satellite Radio, Sony Studios, CSPAN, Virgin Radio and Radio Free Asia. For more information, browse



Series 2101 Talkshow System - from Telos Systems
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