Axia debuts PathfinderPRO routing control software

4 August 2008, Cleveland, Ohio USA


Axia Audio announces a new addition to their Pathfinder family of automated router control and audio network administration software: PathfinderPRO™.

An enterprise-class version of Axia’s popular PathfinderPC™ software, PathfinderPRO retains all the graphical features and route-building tools that users have praised, while adding powerful virtual mixer control, serial data routing, and built-in server clustering capabilities designed specifically for mission-critical, 24/7 broadcast operations.

PathfinderPRO lets broadcasters easily create sophisticated audio routing applications — from simple point-to-point routes to complex, multi-point scene changes that can reconfigure an entire facility at the click of a mouse, automatically at specified times, or in response to pre-programmed events. Upon installation, PathfinderPRO automatically scans the network, gathering information about audio sources and destinations. Administrators can then “point and click” to send audio from one place to another, creating single route points, or Snapshots that change multiple routes — all lockable, to prevent inadvertent changes.

PathfinderPRO and PathfinderPC capabilities include:

  • Combining of audio and machine logic into a single “virtual router” to route bi-directional audio and GPIO together.
  • Audio metering combined with silence sense that “watchdogs” audio sources, automatically switching to a backup source (and sending an alert e-mail) if audio is not present.
  • A Panel Designer GUI with full hardware mapping support that lets users create custom virtual “button panels” that run from networked PCs or map to Axia accessory control panels.
  • A unique, graphical “Stacking Events” editor that eliminates tedious script writing.
  • “Pop-up” routing displays with complete host and Axia channel number information.
  • Detailed, fully customizable system event logging.
  • Picture graphics support that lets users create and upload custom graphics for use with user-designed software control panels.

Features found exclusively in PathfinderPRO:

  • Controls an unlimited number of Axia devices (PathfinderPC controls 25).
  • Supports an unlimited number of client PC connections (PathfinderPC supports 10).
  • Includes two server licenses and the ability to construct PathfinderPRO “clusters” for automatic backup and true distributed-network server redundancy, and built-in bridge applications that help serial port controllers work with redundant servers.
  • Support for routing and translating of serial, TCP and UDP ports.
  • Complete delivery system integration with Sine Systems ACU-1, Pro-Bel and BTools protocol emulators.
  • Directly controls Axia Element consoles’ VMIX (Virtual Mixer) functionality with included VMIX Control Mixer application.
  • Snap-in real-time metering and Web browser controls that provide added options for user-designed software control panels. Browser controls support multimedia audio and video, allowing embedded A/V streaming displays in software mini-panels.

PathfinderPRO runs on PCs with the Windows® 2003 Server operating system, and is shipping now with a US MSRP of $3,495.00. Axia clients who purchased PathfinderPC prior to July, 2008 will receive a complimentary upgrade to PathfinderPRO; please visit or contact Clark Novak at Axia Audio at for more details.


This press-ready photo of PathfinderPRO can be downloaded from the Axia picture gallery