Session on Adaptive Multi-Rate Streaming Audio at Broadcast Asia


The Telos Alliance Announces Educational Session on Adaptive Multi-Rate Streaming Audio at Broadcast Asia

CLEVELAND, OH – 25 MAY, 2016 

Kirk_Harnack_-_BW_portrait_-_cropped.jpgThe Telos Alliance®—leaders in broadcast radio and TV technology—announced today that its Director of Multimedia Education, Kirk Harnack, will be leading the conference "Adaptive Multi-Rate Streaming Audio: High/Medium/Low Bitrate Conundrum Solved," Tuesday, May 31, 2016, at 4:30 during Broadcast Asia 2016.  The Telos Alliance will also be exhibiting at the show with The GBS Alliance, booth (5C4-01) at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, May 31-June 3.

"Consumer convenience prompted online video services such as YouTube and Netflix to offer Adaptive Multirate Video Streaming," says Harnack.  "Audio-only streaming providers—especially radio stations—are just recently able to offer the same convenience to their online listeners. Adaptive streaming is actually simple and inexpensive to implement, but it is a bit different from traditional online streaming. We'll explain the tech behind Adaptive Streaming, demonstrate a working online station streaming the Apple HLS standard, and show how both broadcasters and listeners come out ahead with Adaptive."

The session is part of Broadcast Asia's Broadcast Engineering and Technology Track, and will cover everything from technical and commercial insights on how Adaptive Multi-Rate Streaming Audio is created and served, to exploring the current options for convenient uptake by listeners. Through this session, broadcasters will get a better understanding of the practical applications and software to ensure the best quality of experience. Harnack will also touch on various standards and options available and how to choose those best suited for broadcasters.

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