AERO.2000 Begins to Ship

AERO.2000™ Begins to Ship

Linear Acoustic® has begun shipping its newest audio/loudness manager for digital television, AERO.2000™.

Linear Acoustic AERO.2000 Loudness Manager.

Built upon the highly successful AERO.air™, AERO.2000 includes AEROMAX® loudness control with patented Linear Acoustic Intelligent Dynamics™ hybrid metadata processing for proven loudness control, industry-standard upmixing via UPMAX® II with fulltime downmix, optional Dolby® encoding/decoding and Nielsen® Watermarking, and extensive I/O features.

Support for up to 16 audio channels in two independent instances - 5.1+2+Local and 2+2+Local – provides a high degree of program configuration flexibility, while ITU-R BS.1770-3 simplifies loudness monitoring for all programs. Professional audio metadata can be applied to minimize processing and control functions, or traditional processing and upmixing can be employed.

A comprehensive TCP/IP remote control is included, giving users the ability to set up, adjust, and display all AERO.2000 parameters including loudness metering, Dolby Digital (AC-3) statistics, and even return audio (network speed permitting). The software can connect to multiple AERO.2000 units simultaneously, a major convenience for anyone who oversees multiple stations in different locations. A built-in http server provides access to metering logs.

 TCP/IP remote control simplifies set-up, adjustment, and monitoring
of a single AERO.2000 or many units in multiple locations. 

"We've incorporated everything that made our flagship AERO.air so successful and taken it to the next level in terms of power, flexibility, and control," said Linear Acoustic Founder and President Tim Carroll. "AERO.2000 offers the same compliant high-quality audio that broadcasters and viewers have come to expect from a Linear Acoustic product and adds a level of versatility and convenience that we believe our customers will really appreciate."

AERO.2000 includes AES and HD/SD-SDI I/O, compensating video delay, and redundant power supplies as standard features. Dolby Digital/Plus encoding, Dolby Digital/E decoding, and Nielsen Watermarking are optional.

Company Overview

Linear Acoustic® is the leading authority in digital television audio loudness metering, monitoring, and control from production to transmission. A member of the Telos Alliance™, the company designs and manufactures the AERO™ range of real-time and file-based loudness managers, UPMAX® upmixing and downmixing solutions, and the LQ™ series of loudness metering products. It also licenses and OEMs key technologies to premier manufacturers.

The company is actively involved in standards and practices creation as a member of the ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee), as a sustaining member of SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers), and as a founding member of SVG's DTV Audio Group.

Linear Acoustic has provided upmixing, loudness metering, encoding products and technical services for NBC's coverage of the 2008 Beijing Summer Games, the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games, and the London 2012 Summer Games, and is the recipient of a 62nd Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award.

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