25-Seven Data Shows Voltair Still Works, Even on eCBET

Voltair announces new data that shows its efficacy on eCBET, plus $9,950 promotional pricing on B-Stock.


The Telos Alliance®—parent company of 25-Seven®, makers of the Voltair® Watermark Monitor and Processor—announced today new data that shows Voltair still works, even on eCBET, as proven by dozens of stations who conducted toggle-testing and reported their results. 

"The watermarking monitor and processor continues to make a positive difference in registering meter count and overall watermarking performance, even in this post-eCBET world," says Geoff Steadman, Founder of 25-Seven. "The data we're getting both from the field and in our own labs speaks for itself, with the ratings advantage clear to see."

How toggle testing works:  Each station—a Top-40, AC, and Country station in large or medium markets—ran Voltair enhancement at 0, 6, and 12, changing every fifteen minutes for four weeks. They analyzed ratings at each enhancement level. The left column (gray) shows ratings without Voltair. The middle column (light blue) shows ratings with Voltair set to 6, and the right bar (dark blue) shows ratings with Voltair set to 12. 

Voltair $9,950 for a Limited Time

When the Telos Alliance rolled out Voltair in early 2015, not everyone was able to equip or fully equip their clusters with the watermarking monitor/processor. In an effort to help facilities get Voltair on every one of their signals, the Telos Alliance is offering promotional pricing of only $9,950 on Voltair B-Stock gently used, factory refurbished units for a limited time only (new units remain priced at $15,000). Most of these "B" units were purchased and returned immediately (if the wrong version was ordered, for example) or were used for the Telos Alliance's ongoing testing programs. These units carry the company's full 5-year warranty. This offer will run until B-Stock is depleted.

Those who want to order a Voltair B-Stock unit at this reduced price can contact Rick Sawyer(360) 319-2355

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