Designed to be easily upgradable through the installation of additional licenses, the D*AP4 FLX is a cost effective stereo digital audio processor that can grow and expand to match the evolving needs of a wide range of applications in broadcast or production.

In it’s entry-level form, the D*AP4 FLX provides four channels of AES audio I/O (2 x 2.0) with brickwall true peak limiting as standard.




  • Flexible feature set, configurable by licenses

  • Dual stereo audio processing

  • True peak limiter

  • Optional Level Magic loudness management (optional) according to: ITU-R BS.1770 (all revisions), EBU R128, ATSC A/85, ARIB TR-B32, Free TV OP-59 and Portaria 354

  • Loudness measurement supporting all worldwide standards

  • Optional Fail Over with signal loss detection

  • Optional embedded audio management

  • Optional loudness logging software (J*AM)


D*AP4 FLX Processing Block Diagram / Featured Licenses




Level Magic loudness management

Based on a unique multi-loop control principle, the Level Magic algorithm provides adaptive wideband loudness control with exceptionally high audio quality that is free of coloration, pumping, distortion or modulation effects. Level Magic combines three major gain changing elements:

  • Adaptive AGC

  • Transient Processor

  • Distortion-free true peak limiter

Dynamics Processing

The dynamics section comprises of an upward compressor that controls dynamic range but retains the micro dynamic structure, and an expander/gate to remove low-level noise without introducing artifacts.

Parametric EQ and Spectral Signature

A 5-band Parametric EQ is coupled with Spectral Signature dynamic equalizer, a powerful creative tool allowing adaptive control of spectral balance. Incoming audio is analyzed and its spectral structure is compared to a predetermined “reference” curve. This allows dynamic EQ corrections to be applied only if necessary to achieve a consistent sound image and tonal balance.

Fail Over

Fail Over ensures that if the primary signal is lost, the unit can switch automatically to a secondary back up feed.

Voice Over

Voice Over provides seamless integration of voice and program content in situations such as continuity announcements or video description with automatic ducking.

FM Conditioner

For FM broadcast and cable head end applications, an optional license offers control of MPX power, pre-emphasis and true peak limiting.


A powerful De-Esser is available as a license option to control and manage excessive sibilance from spoken voices.

Loudness Measurement and Logging

The optional J*AM software displays input v/s output levels and can log long term values to a destination folder anywhere on the network.

System Integration

All system parameters are remotely accessible allowing the unit to be integrated and remotely operated by external control systems. An advanced built-in Event Management tool allows the remote loading of parameter presets either by hotkeys on the optional X*AP RM1 remote panel, by 8 onboard GPI/O’s or by network commands using the Ember+ control protocol. This helps users to apply individual processing to their programs or content and thereby ensure maximum audio performance in all situations.

Web Configuration

A web interface allows easy and intuitive setup and configuration from anywhere in your network. Most parameters are based on the principle of “set and forget” so with a small number of initial settings, the unit can be up and running on air within minutes. On screen metering and measurements are available for easy reference and a dedicated “mobile” UI is tailored specifically for smaller displays such as tablets or smartphones.

Interfaces and System Security

Audio I/O’s range from on board native AES3 to optional 3G SDI including video delay, MADI, Dante® audio over IP and also analog. Power fail bypass relays are fitted as standard and with dual redundant PSU’s and SNMP integration, the unit ensures maximum operational safety and peace of mind for today’s critical 24/7 broadcast or content delivery facilities.

D*AP4 FLX Feature Set


  • On board interfaces: 2x AES/EBU I/O (XLR & BNC), Sync in, Sync out, 8 GPI/O

  • I/O modularity via 1 interface slot

  • Ethernet connectivity for set up and control via web browser

  • External control via network or GPI/Os

  • Power-fail bypass relays

  • 19”, 1RU device, redundant PSUs