Jünger Audio Announces Official Certification of Dolby® E encoding and decoding for flexAI Audio System

Berlin, Germany (September 19, 2022) – Jünger Audio is honored to announce the official certification of Dolby® E encoding and decoding for its flexAI audio system. Integrating the latest Dolby software libraries, the Dolby E implementations are now available as individual licenses for flexAI.

“Where encoding and decoding is concerned, especially with the integration of the latest generation software codecs, we continue a valuable collaboration in our new software defined processing environment,” says Friedemann Kootz, Managing Partner of Jünger Audio. “After switching from Dolby’s hardware broadcast modules to the software libraries, we are now able to provide reliable codecs without physical limitations," adds Kootz.

The new encoders and decoders are the first of a series of upcoming codecs for flexAI and feature a similarly easy to use metadata workflow that made the hardware-based Jünger Audio Dolby codecs the most popular choice for Dolby E in the past. With hundreds of thousands users all over the world, Dolby E has been, and still is, the most popular contribution codec choice in professional broadcast ingest and playout delivery. FlexAI is Jünger Audio’s new audio processing infrastructure platform, which supports various forms of deployments on hardware and virtualized platforms. As a self-contained stand-alone solution, flexAI with Dolby codecs is available on the unique AIXpressor audio processor.


Press Contact:

Jennifer Burkhardt

Content Director, Telos Alliance

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