AudioTools Server Current Software Versions

Current Software versions:

  • The current release build of AudioTools Server 5 is version 5.0.117*

  • The current release build of AudioTools Server 4 is version 4.2.64

  • The current version of AudioTools WorkflowEditor is 1.0.13

  • The current version of the AudioTools Connector for Telestream Vantage is 5.0.10 (for AudioTools Server 4 users the current version is 2.0.17)†

  • The current version of AudioTools FOCUS is 2.1.24.

Software updates are available to all customers with a valid AudioCare contract. To obtain the latest installers please contact ATS Support.  

* Version 4 customers who are wishing to upgrade to AudioTools Server 5 should contact ATS Support to discuss their upgrade strategy. This is particularly important for customers who are controlling ATS via third party solutions using the API due to the move from SOAP to REST.

† As of Vantage 8.1 the AudioTools Connector now natively supports AudioTools Server 5. Any AudioTools Server 4 customers wishing to install Vantage 8.1 (or higher) should contact ATS Support before updating Vantage to ensure no loss of service.