AudioTools Server Current Software Versions

Current Software versions:

  • The current release build of AudioTools Server is version 6.0.14*

  • The current version of AudioTools WorkflowCreator is 1.0.6

  • The current version of the AudioTools Connector for Telestream Vantage is 5.0.10 (for AudioTools Server 4 users the current version is 2.0.17)†

Software updates are available to all customers with a valid TelosCare PLUS contract. To obtain the latest installers please contact ATS Support. 

* Customers wishing to upgrade to AudioTools Server 6 from earlier software versions should contact ATS Support to discuss their upgrade strategy. This is particularly important for customers upgrading from version 4 (or earlier) who are controlling ATS via third party solutions using the API due to the move from SOAP to REST. For version 5 customers the upgrade to version 6 is much more straightforward.

† As of Vantage 8.1 the AudioTools Connector now natively supports AudioTools Server 5 and 6. Any AudioTools Server 4 customers wishing to install Vantage 8.1 (or higher) should contact ATS Support before updating Vantage to ensure no loss of service.