By combining familiar hardware Intercom facilities with the flexibility and workflow advantages of matrix-free IP communications, the INF-MP-16, INF-MP-16B, and INF-MPX-20 set a new benchmark in talkback technology.

The INF-MP-16 1RU Intercom Master Panel features 16 multicolor talk/listen lever display keys that can show up to four lines of text plus bitmap images and icons (future feature). Complemented by optimized voice channels and loudspeaker reproduction, the INF-MP-16 features the excellent speech intelligibility required for mission-critical broadcast operations. Each INF-MXP-20 Expansion Panel provides 20 additional display keys.

Auxiliary, rear panel stereo analog I/O including a studio-quality mic preamplifier means that the INF-MP-16 can be used as a contribution or monitoring endpoint. The addition of GPIO as standard enables remote control of signalization or complex logic interfacing across the network infrastructure. Features of the INF-MP-16 Intercom Master Panel include:

  • 16 multicolor display lever keys with additional shift levels at the touch of a button

  • Multichannel duplex voice and contribution audio endpoint

  • 24 bit/48 kHz IP audio

  • Natively Livewire+ AES67 compliant

  • Optional Infinity Link VoIP codec capability

  • Free Standalone ‘Link Lite’ Mode

  • Network connection via standard Gigabit Ethernet

  • PoE+ or external DC power (or both for redundancy)

  • Aux rear panel I/O including studio-grade mic input for on-air contribution

  • GPIO via rear panel D-Sub as standard

  • Headset connector supporting industry-standard XLR-4M

  • Configurable dynamics processing for improved speech intelligibility

  • Full configuration via Telos Infinity Dashboard

  • Device management via built-in Web UI

The INF-MP-16B 1RU Intercom Master Panel Base Version offers all of the same features as the INF-MP-16 but without the rear panel audio inputs and outputs, making it a more cost-effective option in applications where local I/O is not required.

The INF-MPX-20 1RU Expansion Panel adds 20 additional display keys when paired with the INF-MP-16 or IN-MP-16B Intercom Master Panels.