Telos iPort PLUS Time Zone Delay Upgrade Kit

This upgrade allows the iPort to delay the playout of material for one, two, or several hours, facilitating its use over different time zones.

All the information for upgrading your kit can be found in the iPort Time Zone Delay (TZD) Upgrade Quick Start Guide

If you are interested in purchasing a TZD Upgrade kit, please contact a Telos Alliance Dealer and ask for: Telos iPort Plus TZD Upgrade Kit - P/N 2011-00194.

Required Materials:

You will need the following materials (* = included in kit) to complete this procedure:

  • iPort Software Version 2.1.0 or Higher (Available on the iPort Product Page.)
  • iPort TZD License Key*
  • 1281-00143 - 120GB Formatted SSD (with Delay Buffering Software)*
  • 1451-00698 - SSD Mounting Bracket*
  • 1711-00396 - SSD Power Cable*
  • 1711-00397 - SSD Data Cable*
  • 2x 1301-00216 - SSD Mounting Screws*
  • 2x 1303-00016 - SSD Bracket Mounting Nuts*
  • #1 Phillips Screwdriver
  • Long (3” or longer) M3 Hex Key
  • Needle-Nosed Pliers


If you have questions, please contact support.