Available FM Translator Opportunities from Omnia

With hundreds of new FM translators signing on over the next several months as simulcast vehicles for established AM stations, it is important for these new licensees to take a close look at all of their options.



Upgrade your legacy AM processing and process your new FM Translator. All with one box!
The standard version of Omnia.9 Click Here:
 Will process BOTH your legacy AM AND your new FM translator with a single unit, so long as both stations are at the same transmitter site.  Totally separate processing for both paths.  MSRP $9995.
Stand Alone FM Solutions:
Omnia ONE Click Here:
FM or AM processing on demand.  Ideal as cost effective FM translator processor or multi-purpose backup processor for both AM and FM transmissions.
Omnia.7FM Click Here:
Newly released, feature rich FM processor with performance rivaling our competitions' most expensive FM offerings.
Omnia.11FM Click Here:
Ready to go all the way with your FM?