Some of the industry's top audio hardware and software vendors have partnered with Axia to integrate Livewire+ functionality into their newest offerings. Take a look at our full list of Software, Hardware and Integration partners below.

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Software Development Partners / Delivery System Providers

8BC Ltd. is an established software developer based in the Czech Republic, specializing in radio automation systems and supporting software and hardware. 8BC software and systems provide clients with a range of services from music and traffic scheduling to digital audio delivery and audio logging.

42NET Radio Automation System is currently the most popular radio automation system in Europe, with traffic management, news editor, scheduling, single or multiple playout, rights management reporting, Media Asset Management, NewMedia and more in a comprehensive, cost-effective automation solution.

A-MediaNorway's A-Media develops all-in-one smart web-based solutions for digital radio broadcasting - DAB and DRM - designed to help stations exploit the full potential of digital radio and social media. For more information, visit

Headquartered in Le Bourget, France, AdeuxI Activity has been a leader since 1995 in turnkey software/hardware solutions for managing and broadcasting radio content.

AEV Broadcast, an Italian company based in Bologna, Italy, produces a wide range of studio equipment for radio broadcasters.

Since 1998, Open Radio software by Audio Research has given broadcasters in all French-speaking countries complete management of radio broadcasting, including programming, traffic, music scheduling, live and automated broadcasting, and more. Their services include software, hardware, and complete playout systems.

AudioVAULT FleX from Broadcast Electronics is an entire suite of powerful, specialized tools designed to support you in delivering the best content to your listeners. These modules can be put together in infinite ways, to fit any kind of programming, in any size market, from a single station to a multi-site group.

AVRAAVRA (Audio and Video for Radio) is the evolution of Radio. By adding Video Server capabilities, a new world of opportunities appears for Broadcasters, audiences and clients. Let your audience continue listening to, and now viewing, your Radio Station anywhere with any device at any time.

Axel TechnologiesAxel Technology is a premier manufacturer of professional Radio and Television Broadcast solutions. They design and manufacture hardware and software products and complete turnkey solutions, plus System Integration services.

Broadcast Electronics (BE) is the premier provider of mission-critical solutions for over-the-air and Internet radio. BE products encompass program generation, audio and data management, inter-facility transport, and analog and digital transmission.

Netherlands' Broadcast Partners have been developing solutions for radio automation since 1983. AerOn has a proven track record as a flexible and reliable system for radio stations all over the world. Livewire+ is standard available in configurations with all platforms.

Broadcast Software International is one of the world's leading Broadcast Software Companies, committed to delivering the industry's most cost-effective, reliable software and most consistently high standard of technical support. For over a decade, BSI has been known for unparalleled value and reliability.

Burli Software produces widely-used software for broadcast journalists that include leading-edge tools for gathering, editing and delivering news content across various platforms. Burli powers desktop, studio and mobile news production in local newsrooms and some of broadcasting's best-known news operations worldwide.

Based in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, Caliope Media Software has been developing groundbreaking software for the radio- and television industries since 2003. Caliope is made up of a team of highly trained and motivated software engineers who are enthusiastic about audio- and video technology.

DABiS 800 is a multimedia data broadcasting solution that fully integrates all audio elements with control of the entire broadcast chain. Developed by Swiss firm Sohard AG, DABiS is the Open Media Solution for radio and television stations.

Dalet is a worldwide leader in software that empowers broadcasters and content professionals to produce and manage audio and video content in a digital, multi-platform world. 

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, DAVID Systems is the de facto standard of open system platforms for the management of audio material in the radio marketplace in Germany and other EU countries. DAVID Systems solutions are increasingly being implemented at some of the most recognizable radio operations across the United States.

XStudio from is a full-featured, cost-effective radio automation system used by North American broadcasters for more than 10 years. Windows-based product suite integrates with most traffic and music scheduling systems and is simple to set up and use.

Micromedia AG is a leading consulting, technology and engineering provider for radio and TV broadcasters in Europe & Africa. The Micromedia Digimedia software family is a state of the art solution for Windows and Mac to produce, manage and broadcast audio & video content to all vectors in today's multimedia world.

Digispot is a full-featured TV and radio automation and production system ideal for stations large and small. Since 1991, Digispot has been installed on more than 300 TV and Radio stations in Western Europe and in Russia and CIS countries.

Under Ron Paley’s ownership, Digital JukeBox software, the US based manufacturer of radio automation software, has steadily been building a growing market share of clients in small to mid-market radio. Digital Jukebox offers state of the art technical features, and most DJB ONAIR versions since late 2011 work with Axia drivers for AoIP.

Digiton , an innovator in broadcast research and engineering, is the company behind Synadyn, the first radio automation system for the Russian market. A comprehensive suite of broadcast tools, Synadyn is the leading software for radio broadcasting in Russia.

Empirical Presentations, of Gauteng, South Africa, represents some of the world's most renowned products in the field of radio broadcasting, and authors customized broadcast software to enhance the functionality of broadcast products.

ENCO Systems is a market leader in today's rapidly changing broadcast Digital Audio Delivery market, and continues to expand and refine the DAD family of products to satisfy the emerging needs of the industry.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in Erlangen, Germany has achieved worldwide recognition for the development of the audio coding method mp3. Fraunhofer ContentServers are in operation at many well-known stations and network providers and include solutions for Digital Radio Mondiale, DAB, and Digital Multimedia Broadcasting applications such as Mobile TV.

Founded in 1997, HARDATA is a premier developer of workflow solutions that streamline audio, video and text asset management for radio stations, TV stations and entertainment enterprises. More than 3,000 radio stations rely on HARDATA technology to manage digital content distribution, including some of the largest in Mexico and South America.

Innes Corporation is a leader in providing quality radio and TV broadcast equipment in Australia and in the international market. They develop and manufacture program logging recorders for AM, FM and DAB+ bands, as well as PCI sound cards, AM, FM and DAB+ radio tuner cards, processing equipment, and time zone delay systems.

IZTInnovationszentrum für Telekommunikationstechnik GmbH IZT provides equipment for signal generation, receivers for signal monitoring and recording, transmitters for digital broadcast, digital radio systems and channel simulators. The IZT DAB ContentServer is a highly reliable professional broadcast system for DAB, combining audio encoding, data service management and ensemble/service multiplex generation.

JutelJutel, founded in Finland in 1984, is one of the most experienced suppliers of digital radio broadcast and radio automation software in the world. Jutel provides the best and most innovative solutions for managing media assets, radio workflow and radio broadcasting content to various delivery channels.

mAirListmairlist GmbH, based in Dortmund, Germany, is a manufacturer of radio automation software, with a focus on small and medium sized radio stations. Since its initial release in 2001, mAirList has become one of the most popuplar radio automation systems throughout Germany and other countries, especially in non-commercial broadcasting.

Since 1991, Hungary's Nautilus Ltd. has specialized in radio automation, music scheduling, news gathering, and traffic scheduling software for radio broadcasting. Popular applications include Nautilus NEWS, Nautilus DJ and Nautilus Jukebox.

NETIA is a leading provider of software solutions for managing and broadcasting television and radio content. The company offers a range of audio and video  products designed to allow content holders to manage all of their processes.

NexCast GmbH provides broadcast playout software, as well as engineering and integration services, to broadcasters throughout Germany.

OMT Technologies is a world leader in providing large scale audio delivery systems to commercial radio stations, DTH satellite services and cable music systems. OMT's iMediaTouch audio content management and digital delivery suite is the choice of over 1000 radio stations in North America, Asia and Europe.

Op-X is a new, feature packed broadcast automation system from BSI. It was designed from the ground-up to work better than any other platform in a multi-station environment and still work just as competently for a single station.

Pico Digital, an ATX Networks company, is an international telecommunications technology company serving radio and television broadcasters, content providers, hospitality, and commercial markets in more than 50 countries. We’re a global leader in the design, manufacture, and support of high-performance, high-value infrastructure, distribution, and customer premise equipment. With customers that range from the world’s largest media companies to small local service providers, we’re committed to delivering cutting-edge technologies and products that contribute to our customers’ success and help them to solve real-world business challenges.

P Squared is the UK's leading developer of professional broadcast radio software for playout & radio automation, audio logging, radio newsrooms and music scheduling. P Squared products can be found in more than a quarter of all commercial radio stations in the UK, as well as around the world.

Pristine Systems specializes in the development and support of ost-effective digital storage, automation, and content delivery systems for the broadcast industry.

RCS is a technology company that has been inventing solutions for the broadcasting industry for almost 30 years. As innovators, our products and services are used at more than 9,000 radio stations, TV music channels, cable companies, satellite radio networks and Internet stations worldwide.

Rivendell, from Paravel Systems, is the first full featured audio delivery system to fully utilize the ultra stable and secure Linux operating system. Opening their source code allows Paravel to provide top quality, extremely reliable, fully supported systems at the lowest prices in the industry.

SCISYS Making radio is as often a thoroughly planned process as it is a spontaneous and creative artistic expression. To combine both aspects, you need a solution that combines flexibility with control, reliability with cutting edge technology and proven workflows with instant performance: the dira! Radio Production and Playout Suite.

SepiaSince 1993, Sepia Systems has supported major radio stations and networks across the Czech republic and Slovakia. The company provides comprehensive solutions based on client/server, SQL and IP technologies. Flexible planning systems, innovative broadcast automation systems and reliable background services make their clients happy.

Stirlitz Media are the makers of Stirlitz Media Logger, an advanced audio/video and metadata logger. It integrates seamlessly with Livewire and allows you to log both audio and data. It is used worldwide by large and small broadcasters that want more than a standard station automation logger can offer them.

StreamSStreamS HiFi Audio from Modulation Index provides broadcasters with software tools for originating high-quality AAC-LC/HE Audio streams for the Internet, as well as for managing and synchronizing Program Associated Data.

Soundware supplys equipment for professionals within broadcast, music, film, video and post production. Their employees have many years’ experience and great knowledge about the audio industry. Their product range is carefully selected and continually evolving, and they offer full service and support on their products and systems.

Synadyn is the first radio automation system for the Russian market. A comprehensive suite of broadcast tools, Synadyn is the leading software for radio broadcasting in Russia.

Triple AudioTriple Audio, founded in 1995 in Bilthoven, Nederland, offers a variety of system integration and other services to broadcasters. Their automation software integrates smoothly with Axia IP-Audio Networks.

Voceware creates innovative, smart and robust software for the broadcast industry. Their beautiful clocks and suite of completely customizable information systems are installed in leading broadcasters across Europe and the Middle East.  With VClock your presenters will never get a time check wrong again, and your guests will be wowed by your custom branding inside and outside your studios. VClock interfaces seamlessly with Axia via Livewire GPIO.

VoxPro from Audion Labratories, the de facto choice for voice editing software in radio broadcasting, can be found in radio studios and broadcast news rooms around the world. Any incoming GPO message from an Axia device may be directed to any VoxPro function, and any VoxPro function may be used to trigger any GPI message to an Axia device.

WideOrbit has become the fastest growing traffic software company in America.  WO Automation for Radio (formerly Google Radio Automation) is the industry's most modern radio automation system, ensuring that stations are on the air and sounding great every minute of every day.

Since 1995, WinMedia Group has been developing best-selling software solutions for broadcast automation, logging and archiving. There are over 1,900 WinMedia Software systems running around the world. The company has headquarters in France and offices in cities throughout the world including Montreal, Caracas and Singapore.

Thousands of broadcasters around the world rely on WireReady 24/7 for their radio automation software, television mpeg2 video play out, electronic newsroom, EAS and wire service capture, podcasting, telesales, web publishing and storm closing needs, developed and supported in the United States by a dedicated team of broadcast professionals and engineers.

Zenon-Media GmbH , with headquarters in Willstatt, Germany, and offices in France and Malaysia, provides broadcasters around the globe with advanced audio software products with made-in-Germany reliability . Their passion for broadcast media drives continuing development of unique audio/video solutions for Radio and TV applications, including Audio-over-IP and cloud solutions.


Hardware Development Partners

25-Seven Systems, Inc. specializes in audio technologies for more efficient and profitable radio operations. 25-Seven Systems radio and audio engineering and product talent develops practical solutions to meet the requirements of radio stations and networks.

2wcom Systems is a pioneer in designing products for audio distribution and contribution. Based on longtime experience the company nowadays offers complex solutions for AoIP, DAB+, DVB-S/S2 and FM MPX networks. Worldwide clients profit from the competence, German-made quality and first-class customer orientation.

AudioScience, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets digital audio peripherals for computer-based digital audio applications. AudioScience is headquartered in New Castle, Delaware with offices in California, New York, New Zealand and Singapore.

Hungary's Broadmax Ltd. designs and engineers professional broadcast audio hardware, as well as providing systems integration and commissioning services.

COVELOZ is a leader in the development of easy-to-use firmware solutions that address the live networking of audio, video and control signals.  To maximize responsiveness and flexibility to your requirements, COVELOZ offers a combination of standard products as well as engineering services that can include full turn-key embedded systems. COVELOZ’ objective is to blaze a cost-effective path for you to deliver a clearly differentiated product.

Digigram , headquartered in Grenoble, France, and with offices in Washington and Singapore, is a worldwide supplier of digital audio network solutions for radio broadcast and sound distribution in public places. The company develops digital audio network devices, sound cards and audio processing software.

Elenos is a world leader in innovative, compact, reliable, high energy efficient FM transmitters known worldwide for having the highest RF and Audio performance in the market, with “rich” product features and state-of-the-art technology.

A leader in delivering IP-based datacasting solutions via satellite and content distribution technologies, IDC provides advanced products, systems and services for the implementation of broadband wireless infrastructure networks used to distribute broadband multimedia data.

IPE are a one of the UK’s leading broadcast and AV system integration companies, having been established for 35 years are one of the most respected as well.  IPE are also home and developers of the intuitive broadcast display and control system IDS, used by many of the world’s largest broadcast facilities.

Linear Acoustic is the leading authority in multichannel loudness control, upmixing, and distribution solutions for digital television. The company designs and manufactures the AERO™ range of audio processing solutions, e2™ (e-squared) multichannel audio backhaul and distribution, and MetaMAX™ metadata processing products.

LogitekBased in Houston, Texas, Logitek designs and manufactures networked audio consoles and audio routers for the radio and television broadcasting and pro-audio industries.

MacroMedia Air Force develops digital systems for broadcast

MAYAH Communications' main objective since 1997 is the development and distribution of innovative high quality solutions for audio communications in broadcast and corporate networks. 

MindoGuangzhou Mindo Limited was founded in 2008 by broadcast veterans William Liu and Oven Tang. They deliver efficient and innovative products and professional services that help raise the level of performance for their customers, which include Beijing TV, Sichuan Cable, China Film Archive and Southern Grid, to name a few.

Nautel offers the industry's broadest portfolio of digital/analog solid-state AM and FM transmission platforms. AM power outputs range from 1kW to 2000kW and 300W to 44kW for FM. More than 8000 Nautel solid state radio transmitters are successfully operating in 176 countries around the world.

Omnia Audio  is world-renowned for its digital audio signal processing expertise. Omnia audio processors for FM, AM, TV, HD Radio & DAB, Internet, and audio production are setting new standards for professional audio quality.

Paravel Systems is the leading provider of open source software solutions for broadcast. In addition to popular software products like Rivendell and the Call Commander call management system, Paravel Systems has developed the iRoute IP Audio Route Selector / Monitor for use with Axia Livewire networks.

Radio Systems produces a variety of studio audio products, including Livewire-enabled broadcast consoles and the StudioHub prewired cabling system that utilizes CAT-5 rated shielded twisted pair pre-made source cables for all types of studio gear.

ALC NetworX, based in Munich, Germany, is the R&D team behind the high-performance RAVENNA IP-Audio standard, which is backed by companies like Genelec, Neumann, Sonifex, Merging Technologies, Lawo and Telos. For further information please visit

Sierra Automated Systems is a privately held company, founded in 1988 by Ed Fritz and Al Salci in Burbank, California. The company has a complete product range of digital audio network routing, mixing, console control, and integrated intercom and talkback systems. The Company’s equipment is in use by broadcasters and networks, in major, medium, and small markets. Over the years, Sierra Automated Systems router solutions evolved into what is now a completely digital based system expandable up to tens of thousands of channels, with multiple router frames connected together via fiber. 

Launched in 2007, SOUND4 is a new French company specializing in sound processing and Audio over IP for broadcasting. SOUND4 offers innovative, cost effective audio processing products for HD, FM, DAB and Internet broadcasters.

Swiss-based Studer is one of the leaders worldwide for professional audio. Founded by Willi Studer in 1948, Studer became synonymous for broadcasting and recording equipment. Today Studer is able to offer solutions for nearly every application in the field of Professional Audio.

Telos Systems is a leading manufacturer of ISDN, coded audio and telephone interface products for talk-shows, teleconferencing, audio production, remote broadcasts, and intercom applications.

For over 30 years, WEGENER has been an international provider of products and systems for complex video, audio and digital signage networks. Our customer base includes prominent radio broadcast networks such as Westwood One, EMF Broadcasting and Salem Radio Networks.

New Zealand-based Xi Audio manufactures high-quality studio integration equipment specifically designed to work with Axia Audio gear, but which can also be used with other broadcast equipment that uses RJ45-based audio connections.

As an awarded innovator in broadcast product development, Yellowtec is committed to transforming complexity into usability. Fueling various fields of applications, Yellowtec’s products like the Intellimix Desktop Mixer, iXm Recording Microphone and PUC2 Audio Interface set new standards in terms of technology, usability and aesthetics all over the multimedia world.


Systems Integrators

AVC Group has become a leading company for audio and video installations, as well as A/V equipment supply and system integration, all conducted with a high level of support and service. They have offices located throughout Eurasia and the Pacific Rim.

Broadcast Bionics is a global leader in software development, consultancy, support and hardware distribution to the broadcast and installation markets, focusing on telephony, playout, scheduling, consoles and audio over IP solutions.

With over 20 years of experience, BVMEDIA of Milano provides products and services for radio, TV and new digital media in Italy. 

Connecting Media is one of Austria's leading IT providers, with a specialty in broadcast audio. From concept to planning to implementation, Connecting Media has the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your audio infrastructure goals.

Creative Studio Solutions provides broadcast studio design, integration and installation services for communications corporations, large and small, across the United States.

The broadcast systems division of DECIBEL SA has been active for more than 20 years in Switzerland and Africa, offering turn key systems such as engineering, installation, configuration and training. With AXIA Audio over IP technology, DECIBEL SA can provide solutions perfectly tailored to any customer's requirement and budgets.

Since 1990, Digiton , the first studio integrator to offer turnkey radio solutions in Russia and the CIS countries, has manufactured professional audio equipment, telecommunication gear and radio automation systems.

Headquartered in Le Bourget, France, IP-STUDIO provides complete integrated systems using IP technologies to help broadcasters and New Media take best advantage of the new digital economy.

A full service integration company, Second Opinion Communications / provides the highest quality of technical services to broadcast facilities throughout the United States and Internationally. Axia is a fundamental component to your facilities operation, the expandability is boundless. The integration of the Axia system to a new or existing facility is crucial to a successful facility operation.

Based in Rome, Italy, Luca La Rosa is a freelance system integrator and broadcast consultant operating across Europe. Luca La Rosa provides technical consultancy services, specializing in broadcast system design, integration and installation. Luca La Rosa is also Axia’s technical reference for customer support services in Italy. 

Public Media Engineering believes in integration with quality in mind, preventing downtime and excessive future operating costs. PME provides professional broadcast engineering and IT services in North America and internationally; their commitment to achieving a great sound includes meeting challenges presented by budgets, design criteria and time constraints.

Since 1980, Pippin Technical has been the Canadian broadcaster's choice for system design and integration. Their commitment to expertise and innovation allows them to deliver quality broadcast and telecommunications products & services across North America.

R.Barth KG , based in Hamburg Germany, has been a systems integrator for professional recording and broadcast studios since 1970, specializing in radio studio design and supply of complete integrated systems.

Shanghai Media Tech (SMT for short) evolved from the former Technical Center of Shanghai Radio and Television Bureau which was established in May, 1987. SMT has the main business in the following seven fields: the broadcast, pre-production, post-production and transmitting broadcast of the radio and television programs, the operation and maintenance of the network, system integration and the application development of new media. We have also expanded to embrace some new business such as special effect cinematography, 3D/4K production, visual creation and New-Media product.

For over a decade, Streamcom has used innovative, emerging technologies to equip their broadcast IT and engineering clients with a competitive edge. One of Australasia's largest Axia integrators, recent installations include more than 40 studios for a national radio network, and the development of an integrated contribution/distribution network for government-funded broadcasters.

Tract Ltd. , a highly skilled team of experienced international engineers based in St. Petersburg, Russia, provides radio broadcast studio design, integration and installation services for Russia and CIS countries.

Triple AudioTriple Audio, founded in 1995 in Bilthoven, Nederland, offers a variety of system integration services to broadcasters, from simple to very complex professional audio and video applications, often networked into large digital platforms, with integration of specialised user interfaces and remote control systems.