Founded in 2003, 25-Seven Systems—a part of the Telos Alliance—began with the idea to marry ultra-complex time compression algorithms that would allow radio stations more effective and efficient broadcast time. The resulting product—Audio Time Manager—became radio’s preeminent solution for real-time compression and time-shifting, and has been used at some of the biggest talk stations in the world. Always on the bleeding edge, 25-Seven then reinvented the profanity delay with Program Delay Manager, adding the unprecedented capability to capture objectionable live content for future review. Now, 25-Seven Systems specializes in audio technologies and products that address unique problems in the industry. Most recently, 25-Seven has produced one of the most disruptive technologies in broadcast history—the Voltair line of water-marking enhancement products, which became one of the hottest and most game-changing products in the industry

Watermark Monitoring + Processing


Designed to give you greater confidence that listeners are counted when it matters most--your station's ratings.

Voltair M

Voltair M includes Voltair's great diagnostic features, but doesn't process the original audio. Ideal for facilities that want visibility into their encoding system, but don't need Voltair’s full processing capabilities.

Audio Delays

Program Delay Manager

Program Delay Manager (PDM) brings ease of use, transparent audio quality and program director friendly features to take an old process to an entirely new level.

Precision Delay

Your station... In-sync and on time

Legacy Products