Linear Acoustic was founded in 2001 with the introduction of the OCTiMAX 5.1 audio processor. With the onset of digital television came myriad problems involving loudness and digital audio control. Linear Acoustic turned their attentions to solving these problems at every stage of the digital audio chain and soon developed a product range that made digital broadcast sound and work as it should.

Audio over IP (AoIP) has been embraced by the radio side of broadcasting for many years where the many advantages of networked audio via the Livewire+ AES67 standard are well known. Now, AoIP is available for television audio thanks to Linear Acoustic AERO.8000. An AoIP interface such as the Telos Alliance SDI xNode is employed to de-embed two separate HD/SD-SDI inputs, convert the signal to up to 16 channels of Livewire+ AES67 audio, and make it available for processing, upmixing, and transcoding in the AERO.8000 processing engine. The audio is then re-embedded into two independent SDI outputs, providing unmatched flexibility, scalability, and channel density.

TV Loudness Control

ARC - Next Generation Television Loudness Processor

Introducing Linear Acoustic ARC (Automatic Realtime Control), our next-generation television loudness processor featuring our state-of-the-art APTO® loudness adaptation algorithm

AERO.2000 - Audio/Loudness Manager

A 2RU loudness management platform with front panel controls and color display for hosting Linear Acoustic® AEROMAX® processing, UPMAX®-II upmixing/downmixing, Dolby® coding, and Nielsen® watermark encoding.

AERO.100 - DTV Audio Processor

A compact and space-efficient 1RU loudness management platform for hosting Linear Acoustic® AEROMAX® processing, UPMAX®-II upmixing/downmixing, Dolby® coding, and Nielsen® watermark encoding.

AERO.10 - DTV Audio Processor

Renowned Linear Acoustic loudness control and upmixing for compliance and viewer-pleasing quality, but with incredible cost-savings for PCM-only applications.

AERO.8000 - Audio Processing Platform

Enterprise-wide audio and loudness management deployed on a dedicated AERO.8000 processing engine, featuring the same algorithms as AERO.100/1000/2000.

Encoding & Decoding

LA-5291 Professional Audio Encoder

Audio Encoding, Transcoding, and Decoding for Live Dolby Atmos® Workflows

LA-5300 - Broadcast Audio Processor

The complete audio processor for ATSC 3.0. Provides all the audio processing needed for ATSC 3.0 broadcasting in a compact integrated package.

Metering & Monitoring

AMS Authoring & Monitoring System

Linear Acoustic AMS Authoring and Monitoring System is a comprehensive solution for real-time authoring, rendering, and monitoring of advanced audio programs for the ATSC 3.0 Digital Television System.

AoIP Interfaces

Telos Alliance SDI AoIP Node

As the successor to the SDI xNode, the Telos Alliance SDI AoIP Node continues our commitment to bring the power and flexibility of Audio over IP to broadcast television.

Legacy Products