Axia Audio

In 2003, Axia Audio, the studio audio division of the Telos Alliance, invented Audio-over-IP for broadcasting. We did what no one had ever done before: created professional radio gear that networks, using standard Ethernet, for use in digital audio routing, mixing and distribution systems for broadcast and other pro-audio applications.

The foundational technology in all Axia products is Livewire+, a patented AoIP protocol that enables high-reliability, low-delay uncompressed digital audio over Ethernet. Axia Livewire+ has built in compliance with the AES-67 standard. Axia and its parent company, The Telos Alliance, are committted proponents of AoIP interoperability -- first as charter, supporting members of the X192 Working Group which defined AES-67, and now as members of the Media Networking Alliance, a group of prominent broadcast equpment manufacturers formed to actively promote the adoption and implementation of the AES67 standard.

Every Axia product is networked using Ethernet - including audio, logic, control and program associated data, or "PAD". Devices connect together using standard Ethernet cables; audio and control routing is accomplished with off-the-shelf Ethernet switches.

Today, Axia mixing consoles, digital audio routers, broadcast intercom systems and routing control software are the world's standard in networked broadcast studio technology, with more than 5,500 mixing consoles and over 50,000 networked audio devices - many from Axia Livewire+ Partners - powering broadcast studios around the globe. There's also an Axia Users Forum where Axia fans can ask questions, share tips and ideas.

Networked Radio Consoles

Fusion AoIP Mixing Console

Fusion is the new Axia modular console packed with features and capabilities refined from over a decade's worth of IP-Audio experience. Fusion : where design, technology and knowledge intersect.


Element AoIP Mixing Console

Element is the world's most popular IP-Audio broadcast console, with more than 5,500 in service around the world. Completely customizable in sizes from 4 to 40 faders.


iQ AoIP Mixing Console

This expandable, customizable Axia console system is available in sizes from 8 to 24 faders - perfect for large or small studios


Radius 8-Fader AoIP Mixing Console

Radius is an all-in-one console system designed for medium-to-small standalone or networked studios, where no more than eight faders are needed.


DESQ Compact Desktop IP-Audio Console

Six-fader, two-bus Axia DESQ console is a cost-effective, small-footprint option for small production studios, remote vehicles, content ingest stations, or even "personal" mixers for programming personnel.


RAQ Rack-mount IP-Audio Console

Six-fader Axia RAQ console provides a convenient way to add a physical mixing surface nearly anywhere, no matter how space-limited.


PowerStation Integrated Console Engine

PowerStation is an all-in-one mixing engine for Axia Fusion and Element consoles that combines audio I/O, console power supply, mixing engine and built-for-broadcast network switch into one easy-to-deploy package.


StudioEngine DSP Mixing Engine

Fanless, standalone Linux-based mixing engine with dual-redundant power supplies, for Axia Fusion and Element AoIP consoles.


QOR.32 Integrated Console Engine

Integrated, networked console engine for Axia iQ mixing consoles combines audio I/O, console power supply, mixing engine and built-for-broadcast network switch into one easy-to-deploy package.


QOR.16 Integrated Console Engine

QOR.16 is the Axia integrated console engine for Radius, DESQ and RAQ mixing consoles, with audio I/O, console power supply, mixing engine and network switch.


Audio Interfaces & Routing Control


The most advanced AoIP audio and logic interfaces on the planet. Available in Analog, AES/EBU, GPIO, Mixed-Signal and Mic-level versions, all with dual-redundant NIC and PoE capability.



The Zero-Configuration Network Switch Built for IP-Audio.



Axia xSelector combines the routing functions of an XY router control panel with the audio outputs of an Axia xNode - a dual-purpose device equally useful in studios, rack-rooms or transmitter sites.


Routing Control Panels

Fingertip routing control, just where you need it.


Pathfinder Routing Control

PathfinderPC and PathfinderPRO router control tools are an amazingly rich set of tools that can help you automatically customize and command your entire Axia network.


Studio Control Panels

Routing and mic / headphone control panels for turret-mounting or desktop flush-mounting put controls right at talent's fingertips.


Networked Intercom

IP Intercom

The only broadcast intercom system that connects directly to Livewire AoIP networks. Hassle-free installation, no central switching matrix, instant communication. And broadcast-quality audio, too.



Unique software tools for network and program management.


If you've ever wanted to give talent remote control of your mixing console -- or even construct a "virtual console" that controls a mixing engine with no physical surface -- Axia SoftSurface is what you're after.


Axia IP-Audio Driver

The Axia IP-Audio Driver lets you send and record single or multiple channels of stereo PC audio directly to and from Axia networks via Ethernet -- no sound cards needed.


Axia iProbe IP-Audio Network Management Software

An intelligent network maintenance and diagnostics suite that consolidates managing, updating, remotely-controlling and auto-documenting your Axia system into one easy-to-use software application.


Axia iPlay Network Stream Player for Windows

Turn any connected PC into an instant listening station. Listen instantly to any network audio source, right on your computer desktop.


Axia iProfiler Automated Program Archiving

iProFiler is the award-winning audio archiving software that integrates with Axia IP-Audio networks. Capture up to 24 simultaneous channels of Livewire stereo audio -- without sound cards!


Approved Ethernet Switches

Axia-Approved Ethernet Switches

We get asked a lot about which switches work best with Livewire IP-Audio networks. Here's a list of switches tested and approved by Axia.


Livewire+ Partners

Livewire+ Hardware & Software Partners

Dozens of prestigious broadcast hardware and software manufacturers provide products that integrate seamlessly with Axia IP-Audio networks. Click to see the full listing.


Livewire+ AoIP Networking

Livewire+ AoIP Networking

Livewire is the world's most popular AoIP networking system. Find out why.


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