Site to Site Connectivity

Telos System network audio codecs are used around the world to provide ultra-reliable, best quality audio connectivity between remote locations, regardless of how challenging the network connection might be. In addition to industry leading ZIP and Zephyr codecs, Telos Alliance xNodes operating in unicast SIP mode are an ideal and cost effective choice where high-speed WAN and VLAN networks exist.

Whether providing mission critical remote broadcasting circuits, communication tielines, STLs (Studio to Transmitter Links) or backup connectivity, Telos range of multi-codec gateway devices deliver optimised audio signals over varying bit-rate connections and come with a vast array of local I/O options including AoIP, AES and analog.

These days, you can get broadband Internet just about everywhere, which makes it ideal for live remotes. But public Internet can also be erratic. You could be lucky enough to get a good connection, but it might deteriorate during your broadcast. What to do? Cross your fingers and hope for the best? Or reduce your bit rate, sacrificing audio quality in hopes of making it through your show?

With Z/IP ONE (the “Z/IP” stands for “Zephyr IP”), you don’t have to compromise audio quality for a solid connection. Z/IP ONE helps you get the best possible quality from public IP networks and mobile data services — even from connections behind NATs and firewalls. Telos® collaborated with Fraunhofer (the developers of MP3 and many AAC breakthroughs) to develop a unique coding control algorithm that adapts to changing Internet conditions on the fly, helping you maintain quality and stability.

If your facility is like most, rack space is a precious commodity. That’s why Telos® engineers invented Zephyr iPort PLUS, a sophisticated multiple-CODEC device that saves you money and rack space by housing up to 16 broadcast-quality stereo codecs in one 2RU device.

A pair of Zephyr iPort PLUS on each end of a QoS-controlled IP link can send and receive 8 channels of bi-directional stereo MPEG audio. Or, use iPort as a one-way “push” link to encode and deliver up to 16 channels of broadcast-quality one-way audio to a remote destination. With its ability to send multiple MPEG channels over IP connections, Zephyr iPort PLUS is perfect for audio transmission over VPNs, satellite links, Ethernet radio systems, and Telco or ISP-provided QoS-controlled IP services such as T1, T3 or OC-3 links.