Multi-Line Call Handling

Sometimes the best solutions are hidden in plain sight. Antiquated telephony solutions for contribution and communications are a great example. Business phone systems are already IP, and our audio systems are increasingly based on AoIP, so why don’t we make use of technology that can bring the two together? At Telos Alliance, we do exactly that. Telos Alliance Broadcast Telephone Systems embrace both the traditional and the new.

For those applications where broadcasters rely on POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines to connect with their audio systems, products like the HX6 Six-Line Talkshow system, the iQ6 Telco Gateway and the HX1/HX2 Digital Hybrids, represent the gold-standard in audio processing and great sounding ‘On Air’ or communications system interfacing. Whether connecting using AES, analog or AoIP, these solutions all optimise caller audio using Telos’ world famous Digital Dynamic EQ, smart levelling, wide range AGC and adaptive noise gating.

The VX Broadcast and VX Prime VoIP solutions bring caller audio into the 21st Century with a range of scalable phone systems that connect to most VoIP based PBX systems and via SIP Trunking Services. Capable of connecting up to 30 simultaneous callers to an AES67 Livewire+ AoIP audio system, the 2RU VX Engine spells the end for those ageing systems that rely on dozens of rack units worth of telephone couplers to deliver multi-line telephony.

Further aiding the transition from old to new, Telos Alliance’ range of xNode AoIP interfaces helps broadcasters migrate from baseband audio by connecting their new VX and iQ6 based VoIP call management systems with their existing analog, AES and even SDI infrastructure. As you would expect from Telos, a comprehensive range of Talkshow and Line Management software products from Telos and partners companies, keep you in control of your call traffic