Measurement and Monitoring

Ensuring that the audio emitted and transmitted from your broadcast plant meets increasingly strict compliance criteria is a constant challenge for content providers and playout facility operators worldwide. The audio we produce is becoming more complex, surround sound, multi-language, SAP and forthcoming Next Generation Audio formats, mean that the challenge of maintaining a consistent and high-quality viewer listening experience has never been tougher.

Linear Acoustic real-time processors such as AERO.soft, AERO.100, AERO.2000, AERO.10, and AERO.asi sit in the final transmission or distribution path where they effectively control unwanted loudness shifts and ensure compliance with ATSC A/85 and EBU R128 standards. In doing so, the control and configuration software package NF Remote provides control and monitoring of all system settings, processing and coding parameters, plus extensive metering of signal presence, processing and coding activity and audio loudness. System status reports physical I/O details along with system, power supply and environmental health. The remote application also delivers remote audio, including 5.1 channels, to the user so that signal quality can be auditioned anywhere network bandwidth permits.

Linear Acoustic LQ-1000 Loudness Quality Meter is a comprehensive ITU-R BS.1770 and EBU R128 loudness and peak level metering, with logging for up to eight channels (5.1+2) and with downmix checking. Audio signals are connected via AES or HD-SD/SDI with baseband or Dolby® Digital (AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus, or Dolby E encoded audio formats supported. Color-coded loudness values and bargraph meters with adjustable integration times are easily visible on the vibrant front-panel display along with a loudness histogram, True Peak readings, and dialnorm and coding metadata values. Loudness logs for both the primary and secondary audio inputs, covering the past 24/48 hours, 7 days, as well as a user-defined time period, are available via the built-in HTTP server.

When Dolby withdrew the industry-standard DM100 bitstream test and measurement device from the market it left a void waiting to be filled. The Linear Acoustic® MT2000 Bitstream Analyzer fills that void and is a portable, handheld diagnostic tool that can monitor and generate Dolby® Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby E, and PCM bitstreams. With its built-in test-signal generator, the MT2000 allows system integrators and service engineers to quickly monitor and check the integrity and composition of Dolby encoded and PCM signals routed through production, broadcast, cable, satellite facilities, or even a home theater system.

In the world of AoIP, simple confidence monitoring can be achieved using a new set of tools that no longer require extensive cabling of baseband audio to each rackmount monitoring device. The Axia xSelector is a 1ru rackmount Livewire+ AES67 monitor that sits on the AoIP network and provides instant source selection of any available stream to headphones or connected speakers. Comprehensive software tools like Axia iPlay, iProbe and also via the Pathfinder Panel Creator utility, enable the user to select and monitor AoIP streams from their desktop computer or connected Windows device. Pathfinder also gives the user the power to build their own dedicated ‘Soft’ confidence monitor panels, complete with dBFS scale bargraphs, source selector buttons and in-built routing control over connected Livewire+ AES67 devices.