Imagine a digital intercom system with no central matrix where contribution and communication audio co-exist on the same backbone. Actually, don’t bother — we’ve built one. Introducing Telos Infinity IP Intercom, the first in a new series of Telos Infinity next generation communication solutions.

Everybody knows the advantages of IP and Ethernet – low cost, easy installation and maintenance, efficient infrastructure. Thanks to its efficient Ethernet backbone, installing IP Intercom is a simple single-click connection. Of course it’s easily scalable: plug as many stations into your switch as you want and add on from there. Then start talking! And if you move to a new location, you can just pick up the gear and take it with you — there’s no expensive, hard-wired, custom-cable multi-pair infrastructure mess to deal with.

Axia IP Intercom is the world’s first panel based broadcast Talkback system to operate completely matrix-free. Traditional Intercom has always relied on a central matrix or distributed matrices requiring a star cabling infrastructure in order to connect and function. With IP Intercom, each device, when added to the network, is automatically available to every other connected hardware and software panel as well as any other IP end-point, making configuration simple and system expansion unrestricted by the number of available matrix ports.

The Axia IP Intercom range includes Desktop, 1ru and 2ru OLED display panels which feature 10 or 20 talk/listen keys and 10 character displays. Each panel can function as a network interface for auxiliary microphones and line level connection and because the Livewire AoIP network carries program quality audio, it means that any Intercom end-point can be used for contribution as well as communication.

Additional panel options include cost-effective 1ru and Desktop push-button versions with user printed labels, dedicated drop-in console panels for Fusion and Element consoles as well as the fully featured SoftCom PC based application, which works seamlessly as part of your Windows desktop and integrates fully with the rest of the Intercom network.