Distributed and Decentralized Routing

Telos Alliance xNodes help form the backbone of a distributed and decentralized Audio-over-IP routing system. With SDI, AES, analog and even microphone and GPIO options available, these compact and cost-effective interfaces help connect your baseband audio devices to a distributed Livewire+ AES67 ‘matrix’ that routes audio using your existing IT infrastructure

xNodes aren’t just great end-points for connecting baseband audio to a network. All models feature their own onboard crosspoint and most have a mixing utility that can be accessed via a web browser or by using the Axia iProbe software application. The crosspoint matrix tool enables the user to connect Livewire+ AES67 streams with any supported input or output format. The user can then tweak individual crosspoint levels and mix multiple sources to any destination. This feature means that xNodes can be used on their own or as part of a wider network to perform tasks like voiceover, commentary and dialog insertion, set and forget mixing, stereo to mono conversion, gain trimming, channel swapping and many other ‘toolbox’ utilities. xNodes really are the Swiss Army Knife of AoIP systems and because they are fully AES67 compliant, they will work seamlessly as part of any interoperable AoIP network.     

No signal routing solution is of any use unless you can control and manage the system effectively. Telos Alliance’ Pathfinder PC software products are the key to unlocking the true potential of a Livewire+ AES67 router system. By discovering all compatible devices connected to the system and creating a virtual router by identifying each AoIP stream as a source or destination, Pathfinder can act as a middleware layer using its onboard protocol translator to connect with many commonly used 3rd party controllers, making the AoIP router an ideal core infrastructure component for many diverse TV audio applications such as routing, monitoring, signal distribution, format conversion and even communications. Furthermore, Pathfinder software can schedule and trigger events, detect audio silence, issue alarms and instruct failover routing and even allows the user to create custom screen-based control and monitoring panels.

Other routing related products include a comprehensive range of rackmount hardware router control panels that can be configured and installed as part of the system using a web browser or as part of a Pathfinder PC software managed system. Accessory control modules are available that are made to integrate with many of the Axia Mixing Consoles using CanBus connectivity. They provide convenient talent / guest control of frequently-changed options, including headphone and mic control, GPIO closures, routing scene changes tied to Pathfinder PC software, Talkback to CR board op or Guest positions.

Finally, the Axia xSelector is a rackmount networked confidence monitor panel that features bargraph display, headphone and external speaker connectivity and can be used to check the integrity of any audio stream anywhere in the network at the touch of a button.