Audio Mixing - Hardware and Software

Telos Alliance’ Axia AoIP mixing consoles may well be the best kept secret in TV sound. With many thousands of AoIP consoles already installed in radio studios around the world, television is starting to wake up to AoIP and in particular the benefits of interoperable systems that feature AES67, part of the SMPTE 2110-6 Media-over-IP standard. AoIP isn’t new; it is a mature and proven technology that was invented by Telos Alliance in 2003.

Telos Alliance’s family of Networked Broadcast Mixing Consoles uniquely combines the flexibility of Audio Over IP connectivity with advanced features and value for money across the whole product range. With seamless and intelligent integration between mixing consoles and all other Livewire+ AES67 hardware and software, users can create scalable solutions ranging from full broadcast production systems to project studios and many other smaller utility applications.

The Fusion is designed for larger scale applications and is available in sizes from 8 up to 40 faders, it can be combined with a local processing engine called PowerStation or use the StudioEngine DSP remote mixing engine to suit distributed architectures where control room space is optimised. Fusion also features options such as motorised faders, Loudness measurement, auto mix-minus on every channel and up to four program busses. It is no wonder that Fusion is finding more and more fans in TV who find the features versus value equation, too appealing to ignore.  

The smaller footprint consoles start with the rackmount 6-fader RAQ series which is an ideal sidecar or monitoring solution and  DESQ, which echoes the same feature set as RAQ but in a compact desktop version. Radius is an 8-fader console that makes an ideal back-up surface for larger systems where users want the confidence of knowing they will stay on the air if disaster strikes, or a great solution for voice over or continuity studios where space is at a premium, but features cannot be compromised.

IQ is a versatile mid-sized console that can be expanded from 8 to 24-faders and is ideal for less demanding production environments where real estate and budget are a concern. The IQ is also suitable for users who feel they may not need the complex features that some compact consoles offer and prefer a board that is simple to operate without compromising audio performance.

All models benefit from the same ease of installation, configuration and setup that a network based architecture affords. They also integrate seamlessly with Telos Alliance products such as xNodes, VOCO 8 Mic Processor and VX VOIP Engine, all as part of an integral AoIP environment that means that every endpoint, source and destination, can be connected to any component part of the system.