Z/IPStream A/XE Discontinuation FAQs

Why are you discontinuing A/XE?

Browser makers are completely removing support for browser plug-ins like Silverlight or Adobe Flash, which were once popular on the Internet. Some older browsers still work, but modern ones do not..

Do you need to have Silverlight capability in order to run A/XE on windows?

No, one can run A/XE without Silverlight support. But they won't be able to access the user interface except from a browser that still supports Silverlight.

Will Silverlight still work on previous versions?

Silverlight will still work with older browsers.

Are there any disadvantages to using an older version of Windows in order to maintain Silverlight capabilities?

One can still use A/XE on most versions of Windows. Silverlight is needed only on the computer used to manage A/XE. The biggest disadvantage is that it is generally less secure to run older browsers.


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