What 25-Seven Clients Are Saying

What broadcasters are saying about 25-Seven

Audio Time Manager

The ATM solves an age-old problem for us: how to smoothly join a live network news update when breaking news makes it impossible to do in real time. Our news anchors hit the network seamlessly, whether it's on time or 20 seconds late.

Brian Oliger, Operations Manager | WTOP, Washington DC


25-Seven is the best tool I've ever seen to help ANY spoken word station meet and BEAT the clock! From the ability to seamlessly drop in call letters during a breaking news event to finding 'extra' time during network feeds of all sorts, 25-Seven can help your station add ratings AND revenues!

Kipper McGee | Kipper McGee LLC


It's the heritage of 700WLW to be looking for new products and technologies as we strive to stay ahead of changes in equipment. Probably the best product to come along in the last few years is the Audio Time Manager. As a supply station producing a number of network program for distribution, 25-Seven is allowing us the flexibility to produce feeds for networks, while allowing for clean rejoins and feeds not only on 700WLW, but on 700wlw.com and 700WLW on XM Channel 173. The ATM is well worth the investment.

Darryl Parks, Director of AM Operations | WLW / Clear Channel Cincinnati


The 25-Seven Systems box is an amazing device and leaves all others in its dust. It is truly the secret weapon to make your station sound tighter, time shift segments and never misses a network cue again. Stations are still finding new and creative ways to use the 25/7 every week.

Gabe Hobbs | Gabe Hobbs Media


25-Seven Systems has manipulated the concept of time and has rearranged the way live events unfold… think of ATM as an audio TiVO™ on steroids.

John Rigg, Director of Engineering | Clear Channel, San Diego


I frankly couldn't wait to tell you how pleased we are with the 25-7 ATM unit. It is a broadcasting God-send when it comes to delivering breaking news, weather and traffic in Atlanta. And....it has been a great tool for live coverage of press conferences and events. It works like a CHAMP! We are very very pleased with it... 100% thanks!

Pete Spriggs, Program Director | News/Talk WSB, Atlanta


In a post-consolidation world there are still companies out there taking care of radio stations in an engaged and personal way. 25-Seven Systems is one of them. Their Audio Time Manager is a brilliantly designed piece of gear that does exactly what they say it will do. It's one of the best cap ex decisions I've made in a long time.

Paul Gleiser, President and Owner | Gleiser Communications/KTBB, Tyler, Texas


Audio Time Manager puts us back in control of the programming flow when we air syndicated programming. We can "shift time" to meet our service elements and commercial needs, giving us the flexibility we need.

Tyler Cox, Program Director | WBAP, Dallas


With Audio Time Manager, we can break into All Things Considered to give severe weather warnings. When we rejoin, listeners haven’t missed any part of the story. Our board operators can control how fast we catch back up to the network so we can still hit the next post on time.

Nancy Finken, Program Director | Nebraska Public Radio




Program Delay Manager

In this age of tighter FCC regulations for program decency and content, the PDM has provided my station with an extra level of proof that we are on top of that issue, and gives us confidence our producers are trained properly and on top of their game.

Paul Shulins, Director of Technical Operations | Greater Media Boston


PDM’s PD Alert feature is beyond incredible in the event of a profanity incident. Peace of mind for the board op, the host and management is the result. We are usually put at ease within seconds due to this one feature. PD Alert sends out emails to multiple recipients with details and attached audio of each profanity event, thus answering the questions that flood our minds and disrupt our workflow when a dump event occurs. It provides an immediate means for key personnel beyond the board op and host to monitor frequency of dump events, and, if needed, make better decisions as to the risk of certain programs. In short, it’s the “tattletale” you will never have to add to the payroll.

George Prondzinski, Chief Engineer | Genesis Communications Network.


PDM is a beautiful design with features I never knew I could get in a delay unit. It performs as good as it looks, and is backed by some of the smartest guys in the business.

Bill Traue, Chief Engineer | Riverbend Communications, Blackfoot ID


We use PDM at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty for listener call in programs on our Radio Azadi (Afghani) and Radio Farda (Persian) language services. The device is easily programmed though a browser interface, and the front panel controls are intuitive. PDM’s Livewire option let us quickly and seamlessly integrate the devices in our Axia IP based audio distribution system.

Bill Cline, Director of Broadcast Engineering | Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Prague


I’m writing this the same week I’m dealing with a transmitter issue. If not for this article, I wouldn’t even be thinking about the PDM because, for the year that we’ve had it, it just keeps working. As budget manager for my department, I was pleased with the price. We are in the process of upgrading KERA FM to digital and I will be purchasing another PDM.

Robert D. Butler, Chief Engineer | North Texas Public Broadcasting, Inc.

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