Omnia.9 FAQ's

How do I get and use the Omnia.9 Remote Control application?

If not already done, connect the Omnia.9 to your network and assign it an IP address per the manual.

Connect to the unit using any standard web browser as follows: http://:7380 (for example:

You will see a simple screen titled: Welcome to Omnia.9 HTTP server - version...

Under Downloadables: click on the link after: Download Remote Interface (Windows Application): and choose "Save File" to download the remote control app to a folder on your computer.

Once downloaded, navigate to the folder where it was downloaded and right-click on "NfRemote.exe" and select Send To...Desktop (Create Shortcut).

From your Windows Desktop, right-click on the NfRemote.exe shortcut and select "Properties".

Add the following to the end of the "Target" field, immediately after the " mark at the end: host=password=1234

The finished "Target" field should look like this: "C:\Downloads\NfRemote.exe" host= password=1234

This assumes that the unit's IP address has been assigned to and the password has not been changed from the default of 1234.

Then click the "Apply" button. Now you should be able to double-click the desktop shortcut and open the remote

How do I get the automation metadata for RDS into the Omnia.9?

All kinds of automated data entry into the Omnia.9 are done through the HTTP automation interface. The procedure is the same for *all* controls in the Omnia.9, it is not specific to RDS. One easy way to do it with an automation system that only spits out a text file is to have a batch file running as a background process, calling "wget" (an open source HTTP utility) every few seconds to set the RDS PS and/or RT parameters. The HTTP server is accessible at http://omnia9-ip-address:7380 -- you will need to add the computer (or IP range) that needs access to the HTTP Access menu in System Configuration. This is the same procedure as used to download the remote application from the Omnia.9. The Internal and External RDS generators are mutually exclusive -- if you use an external one, the one in the Omnia.9 must be disabled.

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