Omnia MPX Node FAQs

I see this is called an MPX " Node." Does that mean it has Livewire?

MPX Node transports composite FM signals, not Left/ Right audio. It does not contain Livewire.

How do I control MPX Node remotely?

Once you assign an IP address, you can use any modern browser (PCs, tablets, smartphones) to access MPX Node's HTML-5 based GUI. Control pages let you set GPIOs, update firmware, view levels, check health, set IP and port addresses, etc.

Does MPX Node use static or DCHP IP address assignment?

MPX Node supports both, and you can set IP addresses directly from the front panel.

How many µMPX streams can I send out from one encoder?
Encoders come with 2 streams standard, more can be added with a software license.
Can I use MPX Node over the Internet?
If you have enough bandwidth, a reliable connnection and a good firewall, sure. For best results we recommend use over a VPN.
Do any of the hardware based Omnia audio processors have the µMPX encoder built-in?
Yes, The Omnia 9 is capable of serving as a µMPX encoder.
What kind of bandwidth do I need for an FM signal?
With µMPX, you can encode streams from 320kpbs up to 576kpbs. The tradeoff is quality for bandwidth. Actual data use may vary depending on your use of error correction, buffering, etc.
How does the unit sound?
Really good! Even at lowest 320kbps rates, we consider the µMPX codec far superior to transport over a L/R codec for STL purposes. The cool thing is that you are basically sending a peak-controlled, stereo-generated "carbon copy" of the output from your "main" processor directly into your transmitter(s).
What about RDS?
If an RDS signal is part of your composite input to the Encoder, it goes along for the ride and gets output by the Decoder. If you need a separate, distinct RDS signal at each different transmitter, you will need to inject that into your TX through other means.
How do I reset my password?
From the front panel, go to the GPIO setup screen and hold the lower button down for 10 seconds. This allows you to set the Username and Password back to the factory default of user / user. /dd>
Are there requirements for passwords?
Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and must contain 1 Special Character (eg: $, #, %), 1 Number, 1 Upper Case Letter, 1 Lower Case Letter. The unit will not let you proceed to setup pages until you set a password..
How do I know if my MPX Node is operating as an encoder or a decoder?
The operating mode is always displayed in the upper left corner of the Front Panel display. From the web interface navigate to the “System Setup” page, and look in the upper left corner.
Are Encoders and Decoders the same hardware?
Yes. Units are configured from the factory as one or the other (there are separate part numbers) Internal dipswitches allow you to switch from Encoder to Decoder, and software loads appropriately
Can I use MPX Node with any FM processor or transmitter?
Yes. MPX Node is processor-agnostic: Feed Analog composite from your processor into your Encoder, and feed composite output from your Decoder to your transmitter.


Is MPX Node rack mountable?

Yes, MPX Nodes come standard with a rack mount kit. Mounting options are the same as Axia Xnodes since the chassis is the same. One unit can be be mounted in a single rack space, or two can be mounted side by side.

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